4 August 2017

Friday 4 August 2017 Thank you for joining me. I am a pleased to be back posting my blog on cpexposed.com From the very long gap in posts it might well seem that work had stopped on the exposure of political charity Common Purpose, but that's not the case. A great deal of work has been going on helped by all of us at UKColumn and the British Constitution Group. UKColumn has now established itself as a hard-working, reliable, professional and accurate news organisation, and is producing daily news broadcasts, together with interviews, documentaries, investigations and quality articles. The British Constitution Group is also working hard to promote knowledge and understanding about our Constitution and Common Law - key subjects which protect our God given free will and personal freedoms, and which are under immense attack from a broad agenda of 'common purpose' which seeks a communitarian system of government in UK and world-wide.

The combined work and research of the UKC and BCG has now firmly established that every area of our society in UK is under attack by political and financial interests which seek to 'transform' our society from a Common Law base which shields all individuals, families and communities through the protections of a society based on God given free will, together with 'innocent until proven guilty' and the right to a fair trial by a Jury of our Peers. Contrary to the increasing claims in the press and media, all these protections are clearly stated in our Constitution - and yes our Constitution does exist! 

In place of the a society which protects the individual and places the individual at the the centre of community life, the common purpose transformational or change agenda is aggressively pushing a Big Society ideology which can perhaps best be clasified as Communitarianism. In simple trems this may be considered a blend of Fascism, where government and profit making big business work together to control every aspect of our daily lives. God given free will is to be replaced by 'Human Rights' where we are permitted to do only that which the State approves. We are are to be subsumed into a communitarian system in UK and this will itself form part of a global system of governance often labelled the New World Order.

I can end here by saying that with hindsight it is clear that the political charity Common Purpose was created and used to be a powerful trojan horse to infiltrate all areas of UK government, public sector and society so as to install the chosen Common Purpose leaders. These heavily reframed individuals were in turn used to recruit and train further CP 'leaders' to spread the common purpose ideology throughout their organisations, workplaces and communities. In many respects we can now see that Common Purpose acts as a poltical cult, and as such we may also treat its selected and reframed graduates as victims. Whilst some are dangerous and deeply misguided individuals the majority are victims of the organisation Common Purpose itself and of its applied behavioural psychology which is used to reframe common sense and compassionate human thinking into their new dark communitarian model. Can it be stopped? Yes of course, but it takes people to research, expose and inform their fellow men and women of the real and present danger that the Common Purpose agenda represents. In short it's up to us.