Common Purpose - Media Standards Trust and Phone Hacking Scandal

David Cameron promotes Common Purpose in India - see photograph above.

Following the tremendous On The Edge TV show 21 July 2011 where we exposed the Media Standards Trust, Common Purpose and David Cameron's scam appointment of Sir David Bell and Shami Chakrabati as 'independent' experts to look into phone hacking, the Daily Telegraph has also finally woken up.

In the Sunday Telegraph 24 July 2011 reporter Gilligan starts to unravel the truth behind the Common Purpose backed Media Standards Trust by exposing their links to Sovereign Strategy "Labour's favourite lobbyist." Gilligan should be praised for his exposure of Sovereign, Alan Donnelly the former Labour Leader in the European Parliament and current Chairman of David Miliband's constituency Labour party. Alan Donnelly is also linked to Lord 'Mandy' Mandelson.

The second part of Gilligan's article focuses on Sir David Bell and the hypocrisy of his appointment to investigate the wider press and media. The reason ... Bell is Chairman of Common Purpose Trustees - the same organisation that has broken data protection laws and invaded the privacy of those members of the public who are asking questions regarding Common Purpose funding. In a black list Common Purpose has unlawfully collected and retained personal names, addresses and phone numbers. Bell is also head man of the Media Standards Trust which is whipping up the phone hacking scandal via its "Hacked Off" campaign. For more information:

Please watch Edge Media repeat of the Media Standards Trust Exposure.