Common Purpose is still to be fully exposed

18 Dec 2012 Despite the extensive coverage in the mainstream press since 16 November 2012, Common Purpose has still not been fully exposed and stopped. Mainstream press fell short of identifying Common Purpose as a 'cult' like organisation, prefering instead to call it a 'quasi masonic nexus'. Whilst the secretive 'masonic' network description is valuable, it does not address the fact that Common Purpose is 'reframing' the minds of individuals to create 'future leaders' with greatly inflated egos, limited guilt and demonstrable ability to lie and deceive in order to achieve the Common Purpose political agenda. These 'reframed' individuals, be they Julia Middleton CEO's 'useful idiots' or 'expert idiots', will act Outside their Authority' to drive forward the Common Purpose agenda - ignoring the normal bounds of responsibility and accountability of their normal job or organisation position.

Key Common Purpose 'graduates' in particular positions of power and influence will be mentored with another person to ensure that they follow the Common Purpose path. This mirrors techniques within other cults. More dangerous is that Common Purpose training is now embedded at the highest levels of the Civil Service (Top 200) with the full backing of arch Common Purpose leader and Head of the Civil Service Sir Bob Kerslake. This subversive presence is coupled with the expansion of Applied Behavioural Psychology techniques to change peoples views, values and beliefs without them knowing such changes are taking place. See British government document 'Mindspace' available on the web.

Disguised under the simplistic and benign sounding title of ' Nudging', David Cameron, Francis Maude, Kerslake and the Cabinet Office are heavily and actively involved in spreading this State mind-control and are now even selling techniques to Australia. For Common Purpose and the State to use such applied psychology without the knowledge and consent of the victim must surely be considered as assault on the person. 

As an aside in many areas of Britain substantial increases in the number of suicides is being linked to the proliforation of aggressive and contradictory applied behavioural psychology via plays, creative arts and drama, therapy, and films. is grateful for the information and concerns responsible practitioners are providing following their discovery of abuses of such techniques for political purposes. We believe the explosion in suicide by hanging is linked to suicide inducing programmes, which focus on hanging as a preferred means.