Matthew Byrne Another Common Purpose Paedophile Exposed

Thank you to the person / persons who informed me that Mr Matthew Byrne of the Merseyside Common Purpose Advisory Board has appeared in court on paedophile type charges. 32 allegations and over 8,000 images of children, as well as other lewd acts.

According to Common Purpose Mr Byrne is a \\\'Leader in Society\\\'. He had access to young vulnerable people.

What CRB checks were carried out on this man? Why has his connection to Common Purpose not been reported? What secret meetings did this man have under Chatham House rules with other members of the Common Purpose Merseyside Advisory Board, and what was discussed?

No doubt the public will be interested to know that the same CP Advisory Board contained \\\'leaders\\\' of JP status and CEO of a hospital. Mr Byrne has been photographed with David Cameron MP Tory Leader.