Understanding Common Purpose

17 November 2013 Many people are now aware of the British political charity Common Purpose and its work to create a network of common pupose across politics, public and private sectors, and throughout society. Many people now understand the sinister role CP played in creating the furore to drive the Leveson Inquiry into the press, using their own Media Standards Trust and the Hacked Off Campaign. Their ultimate goal has been to assist the British State to take control of the Mainstream Press using a Royal Charter with the power to impose draconian penalties should the press fail to live up to State imposed guidelines. We should remember that CP is a secretive and duplicitous organisation that has already been caught breaking the Data Protection laws by collecting data on individuals lawfully asking questions about CP by means of the Freedom of Information Act. CP is terrified of the public gaze and discovery of its real  work to undermine democracy and impose a quasi secret network of state control by means of a network of CP graduates in positions of power and influence. The plan is for a communitarian dictatorship and a conrolled press and media is essential to this.

In this short post I would like to help people also understand that the charity Common Purpose is not the all powerful be all and end all organisation. We can be confident that the charity CP was designed to be the Trojan Horse in British Society with the primary objective of getting the first CP 'future leaders' into place, from where they could open many doors to many more of their own. But alongside infiltration by the political charity CP comes the wider socio political agenda of common purpose; an agenda which is being promoted by a host of different organisations and initiatives. These include Diversity Courses, Community Empowerment, Leadership, Visioning, Community Activism, Social Entrepreneurs and Disupters - in fact there is now a vast web of these 'vehicles' which are primarily working to promote the change agenda to destabilise our historic organised society. The turbulence of deliberately created change allows the new intended socio political agenda to be established more softly than if there was a sudden onslaught of the new politics in a quiet orderly and stable society. Alongside the common purpose 'vehicles' I have just mentioned comes another 'change agent' web using networks of Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP. Via a myriad of different consultancies boasting everything from self empowerment to powerful management change in global corporations, NLP practitioners are creating a mass of 'reframed individuals' with boosted belief in their own ability as change agents and leaders, and a low-empathy view of those simple individuals who are left to rely on the 'inferior' mind that God gave them.

Within the NLP networks the anchor of the need for  'change' and 'transformation' into a future utopian society is the common theme or purpose used to destroy people's identity, common sense and their ability to enjoy living in the 'now', allbeit having to deal with the day to day ups and downs that life has always delivered. Whilst recognising that many NLP practitioners practice in their desire to help people overcome problems, the real danger comes from NLP practitioners who are now themselves changed as a result of the experiencial nature of their original NLP training - that is, they were NLP'd as part of their training. This now leads to the position whereby individuals themselves changed or reframed by NLP are changing and reframing others into mindsets which interface with the government's own Applied Behavioural Psychology programme - a central programme of David Cameron's Saul Alinsky based Big Society. It's agenda? To create a docile subserviant public where the only views that are accepted are the government's specified norms. Believing in different and speaking out will not be tolerated. Hence we return to the common purpose agenda to help install state control of the mainstream press and media as soon as possible.

I have written this post spurred on by the increasing number of emails I have been receiving from those who have experienced problems at the hands of NLP practicioners or who have friends or relations who have suffered. What have they experienced? Personality changes, depression and anxiety for example. These victims are the immediate casualties of the NLP cancer that is now invading our society. However those reframed and now already living blissfully unaware of reality in their new future leader empowered utopia of an NLP restructured mind are also destined to be crushed within the emerging hive mind dictatorship. As the government's own document Mindspace says..."Either people will not know they have been changed or they may realise they have been changed but not know how." Impossible? Google UK Government document Mindspace. You might also consider that this behavioural change programme has been so succesful the British goverment has sold the 'technology' to Australia and USA. Of course Common Purpose has used NLP from the start.