Understanding how the Stasi (Big Society) deals with opposition

This is an interesting synopsis on the work of the Stasi and it comes from Pearson press (Bertelsmann + BBC education connection). The description should ring a few bells with those that have experienced bullying and threats by the 'establishment or State system'.  Please do read Julia Middleton's book Beyond Authority and note her praise for East German phrases and tactics - 'Expert and Useful Idiots'. Personally I couldn't think of anything good to come from East Germany. Note also her praise for the very bankers who are causing such economic chaos in Europe and the USA.

We are now in the position that the emperor is loosing his clothes. It is becoming increasingly clear that a dictatorship is installing itself in UK, and this malevolent ideology is moving towards 'normalisation'. This is when we have been forced to accept a dictatorship (a blend of communism, fascism and corporatism, best described as gramscian fascism. David Cameron's Big Society is Big Brother, and will be supported by an army of community organisers with common purpose under the Alinsky ideology now embedded in the LibLabCon. Any real resistance to the arrival of Big Brother and Hive Society will be countered by the State. The promotion of secret courts by Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice Kenneth Clarke MP is a leading part of this. Also watch out for Liberal Leader and communitarian Nick Clegg's plans for 65,000 State 'nannies'. Far from giving children as young as 2 years the best chance of succeeding at school, the 'nannies'  will be part of the State behavioural reframing team to target children's minds as early as possible. The stealing of children by the state, now finally recognised by the mainstream press, represents the other side of the coin. 10,000 children taken from their parents in UK each year - with thousands of others that disappear.

Can be fight all this? Of course but first we must understand what we are fighting. Then we must wake enough people up. It's that simple. It seems that the Dutch are awakening, having refused Common Purpose attention and caused the CP Netherlands operation to close down.

So a few quotations regarding ‘zersetzung’. Heavy stuff, but know your enemy.

Dennis, Mike. The Stasi: Myth and Reality. London, UK: Pearson Education Limited, 2003. ISBN: 0582414229 “The MfS dictionary summarized the goal of operational decomposition as ‘splitting up, paralyzing, disorganizing and isolating hostile negative forces in order through preventive action, to foil, considerably reduce or stop completely hostile-negative actions and their consequences or, in a varying degree, to win them back both politically and ideologically (113).”

“…the Stasi’s main method of combating subversive activity was operational decomposition (operative zersetzung) (112)”…quiet repression.

“The kind of measures which the ministry employed can be found in documents such as the 1976 guidelines on operational cases, and included: the systematic compromising and isolation of a target by means of rumor, disinformation and deception concerning alleged immorality, excessive drinking, an ‘unclean past’ and spying for the West; undermining their professional and personal reputation; creating fear and uncertainty though frequent telephone calls at night, inserting fictitious adverts in newspapers, sending anonymous letters, and burglary. Some victims have claimed that the MfS deliberately poisoned food and drove targets to contemplate suicide. Other nefarious methods involve telephone tapping and interception of mail…provoking disagreements among opposition groups, and the criminalization of offences such as alleged tax evasion and the disturbance to public order, targets were also subjected to restrictions on their movements, the withdrawal of driving license and illegal house searches (113).”

Targeting of Churches….Regarding target Linke and wife…”rumours about selfishness, embezzlement…prepared as decomposition and differentiation measures to stir up dissension within the church…The report concluded, not without a note of sadistic satisfaction: ‘both are unemployed in West Berlin and have no fixed abode. They received support only from the church.(115).”