Welcome to an updated cpexposed.com

We are pleased to announce that there has been a big rebuild of the cpexposed site over the last couple of months to allow easier searching of documents, written material and, of course, the Common Purpose graduate database.  Now that the 'mechanics' of the site have been upgraded, visitors will start to see new material posted, including videos and sound clips. The site is designed to be calm and factual, so as to present evidence to the increasing number of people world-wide now starting to question what the political charity Common Purpose is really about. 

If you are one of the many people now concerned about the secretive political activities of Common Purpose, now working at Cabinet Office level with no proper minutes or records of meetings, and you are investigating and researching yourself, we are always pleased to post documents and other material, provided the accuracy and provenance of such material can be provided. We are also working to update the Common Purpose graduate database and we welcome names as new entries if you have them. Again we need to have some documentary evidence to support any claim that an individual is Common Purpose trained. Do remember that people can have the same names, both first and last name, therefore it is important that the correct person is identified. Please contact us via the website using info@cpexposed.com   We emphasise that we regard most Common Purpose graduates as victims. The majority are completely unaware of the fraud, corruption, bullying, lies, insider dealing and DataProtection breaches conducted by individuals under the Common Purpose banner.  The list of law breaking goes on. Nor are they aware of risks to their mental health from political applied psychology now being promoted by the Cabinet Office and the Cabinet Office Leadership Committee.

Exposing Common Purpose is our task. We ask that you help us do this in a quiet measured and lawful way. Just asking simple questions, obtaining and publishing the evidence against Common Purpose them can quickly bring public attention to bear. It is this exposure that ultimately stops their subversive deeds. Remember that Julia Middleton Chief Executive of Common Purpose enthuses in her book 'Beyond Authority' about the use of "fifth columnists, useful and expert idiots". Her book also specifies how those who stand up against the common purpose agenda should be dealt with - "run over them, undermine them, go around them or discredit them.....[as a last resort consider]....bullying them or buying them off."   And this is a charity???

Across UK there are now an increasing number of 'test cases' where Local Authorities and other public sector organisations, such as the police, are being forced by the Information Commissioner to reveal staff trained by Common Purpose using public money. Despite Common Purpose claims that individuals work for CP in their private time, the evidence on this site and elsewhere overwhelmingly shows this claim to be a lie.

Meanwhile the Leveson Inquiry proceeds apace, staffed by David Bell Chair of Trustees Common Purpose and 'stood down' Head of the Media Standards Trust - the very organisation which via its contrived 'Hacked Off' campaign demanded a inquiry into the press and media in the first place. How could MST do this? Easy when David Cameron is a Common Purpose supporter and David Bell is a member of the Cabinet Office Leadership Committee awarding Common Purpose contracts for training the Top 200 Civil servants! More details of this scandalous vested intrest of the Leveson panel will be posted shortly. 

Should Common Purpose achieve control over mainstream press and media in UK, we will be locked into a common purpose 'dictatorship' where Common Purpose graduates, backed by funding from the public purse and international banks influence or control the Top 200 Civil Servants, our public sector, including the police, and an increasing number of private sector organisations. Children and young people remain a prime target for Common Purpose mind training, so that they hold the correct politically correct views on reaching adulthood. They are also at risk of adverse mental health effects from applied politcal behavioural change techniques. 

If you would like to stop this nightmare scenario please tell others and spread the word concerning cpexposed.com