Devon and Cornwall Police shy of declaring £65,000 expenditure on Common Purpose

In the reply dated Sept 2008 to a Freedom of Information request Devon and Cornwall police declare £24,709 expenditure on Common Purpose from 2004 to date Sep 2008. They unfortunately forget the £57,100.25 declared up to 6 December 2005. their total expenditure is therefore circa £64,972. A massive amount of public money spent on a political charity for no tangible benefit when Devon and Cornwall Police has repeatedly declared to the general public a shortage of money, forcing officers to share computers and for them to have to reduce the number of unmarked police cars.

CP Chief Executive J Middleton speaks on legitimacy to the South West England Regional Development Agency.

Julia Middleton Chief Executive of Common Purpose gave her views to the South West Regional Development Agency on those asking "What is the legitimacy of Common Purpose? "There was this little jerk in the corner" ..... and we all said "shut up" and we kept on going..... Nice lady, particularly when the question over the legitimacy of Common Purpose and its meetings under the Chatham House rule is very important. A brutish, unpleasant response to the concerns of a member of the public by the elitest Mrs Middleton.

CP Freedom of Information Request Devon and Cornwall Constabulary DCC 2005

Correspondence indicating police covering up for their activities and expenditure with CP. Following a Freedom of Information request to DCC regarding CP, the police reply saying they are unable to find any information. When sent a list of CP trained officers, they can suddenly find expenditure of £57,000 on CP. But they have to ask CP for permission to disclose further information although the courses were paid by the public purse. When the information arrives it has been heavily censored and information removed and / or blanked out.

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