West Midlands

CP trained West Midlands Fire Service Chief resigns after child porn arrest

West Midlands Fire Service chief Frank Sheehan resigns after child porn arrest. Cpexposed note: He took the Common Purpose 20:20 course in 1998. 20:20 is a five-day residential programme. This high-level programme is held just twice a year. The 20:20 week includes days in both London and Brussels visiting key institutions in the cities and examining how they operate and who holds power. For those interested in NLP, practitioners PPD Learning Ltd boast West Midlands Fire Service as one of their clients.

West Midlands police spend £93,000 on Common Purpose

The available information shows that between 1989 and 2008, thirty-three officers and one member of police staff attended training courses organised by Common Purpose at a cost of around £93,000. What value did the taxpayer get? What has been discussed by the police behind closed doors under Common purpose Chatham House rules? How more of the police training budget can be given to Common Purpose? See British Transport Police Archive

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