CP West Yorkshire Police spends £6900 on Common Purpose

Two West Yorkshire police invoices for Common Purpose training of £2,761.25 and £4112.50. Please note that, as with many invoices concerning Common Purpose made public, information on the invoices has been redacted ....blacked out. It is actually unlawful to interfere with invoices concerning public money and very surprising that the police should do so. Just what is it about Common Purpose training that an organisation such as the police should want to remove the name of the individual who was trained (using public money).

West Yorkshire Police spend £6,873 on Common Purpose

West Yorkshire reply to an FOI request showing yet more police expenditure on Common Purpose. In the reply the police say that police have been granted leave to attend Common Purpose courses at a cost of £6,873.75. Were these courses in paid time? If so the public has paid twice...once for the cost of the courses and once for the lost time on duty. But CP consistently states that Common Purpose graduates participate in their private time.

North Yorks Policeman in £400,000 dodgy business dealings with wife and Common Purpose colleague

Yorkshire Post article following up on an earlier story that the wife of a senior North Yorkshire Police officer Supt Paul Ackerley received nearly £400,000 from the force in payments to her training company. Jon Porter, director of North Yorkshire Police's human resources department and the civilian official with overall responsibility for training, resigned in the summer. The Crown Prosecution Service is not pressing charges and both men have resigned. Nice work if you can get it.

CP government quango IDea blocks Freedom of Information

Ernest Opuni emails Sara Clarkson Common Purpose for advice following his receipt of FOI request for information regarding his participation on CP's South Yorkshire Advisory Group. NB in the original email he forwards the name and address details of the person requesting the information - a breach of Data Protection. Why do public servants and quangos have to seek the guidance of CP in releasing information to the public? What have they got to hide?

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