CP Profile Course Brimingham

CO Profile course Brimingham agenda. Note that the documentation states:

"Profile participants are people who, either personally or through their organisations, impact on – and are impacted by – the local community and economy. We would welcome your application if you are a decision maker or opinion former who has the ability to effect change in your organisation or in the area"

CP only wants elitests who can effect change. Why does CP want CHANGE and what is it? Remember that CP uses Kolb behavioural training to 'change' peoples behaviour and values to the 'new common purpose'.

Notice the names of the Advisory Group members who will decide if someone is 'suitable' for training and to join the elite. Note also the £1,000 plus VAT price tag which will be overwhelmingly taken from the public purse. Those on ordinary incomes are excluded on cost and their lack of position to 'influence change in society'. Some charity!