George Osborne MP Conservative briefs DEMOS pro New Labour fabian think tank

Oxford trained George Osborne Conservative is mixed up with DEMOS - the pro Labour fabian think tank. He includes in his speech quote "I'd like to thank Richard Reeves – the new Director of Demos – for hosting this speech. It's a pleasure to be here at Demos. As his recent Prospect article on the importance of teaching character showed, Richard is a brilliant and creative thinker, who I know will ensure Demos is right at the heart of the policy debate. Over the past six months, the Conservative Party has been working with Demos on a series of seminars on the post-bureaucratic age, and with Richard in charge, we're looking forward to strengthening and broadening this relationship in the months ahead".....unquote Please remember that David Cameron is also in love with fabian think tank Young Foundation also created by Geoff Mulgan creator of DEMOS. Cameron is also a fan of Common Purpose. We should remember that Julia Middleton is a former DEMOS lady and is connected with Mulgan. Common Purpose is heavily connected with Mr Osborne's Oxford university. Is this whole incestuous business the "common purpose" to create the post bureaucratic age? Alternatively much of the poverty in Councils could be connected to the £ millions spent on Common Purpose courses rather than improving the lives of low income tax payers.