Greater Glasgow NHS Trust Board penetrated by Common Purpose

Response to a Freedom of Information request exposing Common Purpose penetration into the Greater Glasgow NHS Trust.
Ø Head of Assessment & Care West Dunbartonshire Community Health Partnership (CHP)

Ø Head of Planning & Performance, East Renfrewshire CHCP

Ø General Manager, Clyde

Ø Head of Policy

Ø Communications Manager

Ø Associate Specialist

Ø Inequalities Manager

Ø Operations Manager

Ø Head of Health Improvement and Planning, East Glasgow Community Health & Care Partnership (CHCP)

Ø Head of Learning Disabilities

Ø Nurse Director, Acute Services Division
Ø Head of Corporate Performance

Ø Head of Planning and Health Improvement - South East Glasgow CHCP

Ø Acting Head of Policy

Ø Senior Clinical Podiatrist, Greenock

Once drawn into the CP network these people will introduce the CP Change Agenda into their organisations and 'partnered' organisations.