HMP Norwich apologises for breaching Data Protection to protect Common Purpose

Jayne Frost head of Security and Operations at Her Majesty\'s Prison Norwich sends a letter apologising for the prison\'s breach of the Data Protection Act. The prison released to Common Purpose the name and address of a person who quite legitimately asked HMP Norwich, under the Freedom of Information Act, why the prison was providing offices for Common Purpose, and how much CP was paying. HMP Norwich had no right to release this information contrary to the Data Protection Act and has had to apologise.

The letter is interesting however as it has no reference number, no address for the individual and no signature. Is Ms Frost a Common Purpose graduate herself? Did she send the letter without putting it through the official correspondence system? Why is HMP allowing CP to have office space and how much are they paying for it? These are the questions which Common Purpose has tried to block by asking for details of the original Freedom of Information request.

Why is Common Purpose interested in making leaders out of convicted criminals?