Julia Middleton CP CEO writes to Information Commissioners Office

In letter dated 23 October 2009 Julia Middleton writes to the Information Commissioner to explain breaches of the Data Protection Act, in particular relating to Common Purpose compiling a 'black list' of concerned members of the public who had submitted Freedom of Information requests...not to Common Purpose but to their Local Authorities asking for information on CP. The letter should be read carefully for what it does and does not say. According to CP, asking for information about them under Freedom of Information is the action of a few vexatious individuals which requires their names and addresses to be compiled and stored by Common Purpose. To what end? CP does not seem to understand that the general public have a right to know how large sums of public money are being spent and they also have a right to know to what (public) benefit. Please read Julia Middleton's excuses for yourself. You may also ask yourself if they have your details on the black list and what information has been redacted (blacked out) to keep the truth from the public gaze.