Links between FBI and 23,000 private sector employees

The following link was sent by a lady in USA. It concerns an extremely disturbing organisation linking the public and private sector in the USA. She states..." I'm sure that it is the same thing that CP is all about.

Comment: Gramsci, a fascist basing his political philosophy on Marx, set out a plan for the destruction of western democracies which included: a constant attack on the pillars of society - establishment, history, culture, morality,....and ....a slow merging of the public and private sectors. This latter aspect is the key approach which breaks down responsibility, accountability and probity, and allows the rapid growth of fraud and corruption. By this means people and organisations can be controlled by buying them (high salaries, free handouts of grants, 'brown envelope payments' - by blackmail - and by their moral decline as they become 'contaminated' by the people progressing the gramscian policy. A key part of Gramsci's plan is that it is slow and subtle, so that people do not notice the gradual changes in their society until it is too late.

As usual we leave you the visitor to this site to draw your own collusions. I would just add that in UK we are now giving traffic wardens and private sector security personnel the power to act as 'low level policemen'. Why should this be? Common Purpose is also very active in prisons, having offices in some prisons. Presumably they are training some criminals in future 'leadership'.