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Name Course Date Course Locationsort ascending Course Name Job Title Location Organisation
Kenyon, Julian Teesside - 1993 Teesside Matrix Group Public Relations Manager tees Bellway Homes, Ponteland
Keogh, Paul Teesside - 1993 Teesside Matrix Account Manager tees Grant Sterling, Middlesbrough
Khan, Zafar Teesside - 1999 Teesside Matrix UCPD Programme Director tees University of Teesside, Middlesbrough
Kiddle, John Teesside - 1992 Teesside Matrix Teacher tees Bede College, Billingham
Kiddle, Sue Teesside - 1997 Teesside Matrix Area Director (Agriculture and Medium-sized businesses) tees Barclays PLC -, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Kitchen, Bryan Teesside - 1996 Teesside Matrix Project Director Greater Eston tees Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council, Guisborough
Krishna, Manoj Teesside - 1997 Teesside Matrix Orthopaedic Surgeon tees North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Trust, Stockton - University Hospital of North Tees
Laidler, Linda Teesside - 1993 Teesside Matrix tees
Lanz, Bernhard Teesside - 2000 Teesside Matrix Director tees Arc, Stockton on Tees
Lawson, David Teesside - 1995 Teesside Matrix Manager tees Corus UK ltd, Redcar
Leaper, Francesca Teesside - 1998 Teesside Matrix tees
Legget, Jason Teesside - 1998 Teesside Matrix tees
Lennon, Peter Teesside - 2000 Teesside Matrix Head of Human Resources tees Corus, Scunthorpe
Leslie, Keith Teesside - 1995 Teesside Matrix Manager tees TTE Management and Technical Training, Middlesbrough
Lewis, Richard Teesside - 1991 Teesside Matrix Deputy Director tees University of Teesside, Middlesbrough
Lewis, Jim Teesside - 1992 Teesside Matrix Thames Gateway Skills Director tees Learning & Skills Council London East, London
Lindsey, John Teesside - 1991 Teesside Matrix tees
Linsley, Frances Teesside - 1998 Teesside Matrix Learning Manager tees Inland Revenue, Stockton on Tees - George Stephenson House
Littlejohn, Ian Teesside - 1999 Teesside Matrix tees
Liversey, Paul Teesside - 1997 Teesside Matrix Divisional Traffic Manager tees Stagecoach Transit, Stockton-On-Tees
Local, Michael Teesside - 1996 Teesside Matrix tees
Lowe, Dave Teesside - 1995 Teesside Matrix Advocate/Facilitator tees Middlesbrough 1st -, Middlesbrough
Lowrie, Helen Teesside - 1999 Teesside Matrix Chief Executive Officer tees UNITE Limited, Middlesbrough
Lupton, John Teesside - 1994 Teesside Matrix tees
Machin, Andrea Teesside - 2000 Teesside Matrix Business Adviser tees Walker Hall Associates, Durham
Macnaught, Kate Teesside - 1995 Teesside Matrix tees
Maguire, Timothy Teesside - 1994 Teesside Matrix Advisor, Trainer, Facilitator tees
Maisey, Andrew Teesside - 1999 Teesside Matrix Partner-LLP Member tees Endeavour Partnership, Stockton-On-Tees
Major, Jonathan Teesside - 1992 Teesside Matrix Deputy Headteacher tees Bishopsgarth School, Stockton-On-Tees
Malcolm, Peter Teesside - 1998 Teesside Matrix Human Resources Manager tees
Markley, Stan Teesside - 1994 Teesside Matrix Training Business Director tees North East Chamber of Commerce, Durham
McCarthy, Terry Teesside - 1995 Teesside Matrix Chaplain tees HMP Holme House, Stockton-On-Tees
McCraith, Paul Teesside - 1997 Teesside Matrix Chairman tees Hartlepool Voluntary Development Agency, Hartlepool
McCrickard, Ian Teesside - 2000 Teesside Matrix Account Manager tees Northumbrian Water Group plc, Durham
McCullagh, John Teesside - 1995 Teesside Matrix Managing Director tees Marske Machine Company, Middlesbrough
McDermott, Elizabeth Teesside - 1996 Teesside Matrix Training Co-ordinator tees Playgroup Network, Stockton-On-Tees
McGinty, Mike Teesside - 2000 Teesside Matrix Ex Manager tees The Boots Company PLC, Middlesbrough
McGrath, Anne Teesside - 1999 Teesside Matrix Community Enterprise Manager tees Durham Co-operative Development Association, Durham
McGuckin, Barbara Teesside - 1992 Teesside Matrix Consultant tees
McLellan, Christina Teesside - 1995 Teesside Matrix Board Member tees Middlesbrough City Challenge, Middlesbrough
McLoughlin, Wendy Teesside - 1993 Teesside Matrix Manager tees Hartlepool Families First, Hartlepool
McManners, John Teesside - 1998 Teesside Matrix Vicar tees
Megson, John Teesside - 1992 Teesside Matrix Co-ordinator, Business Leaders Forum tees
Miller, Lenny Teesside - 1991 Teesside Matrix tees
Milner, Janice Teesside - 1995 Teesside Matrix Head Scientific Support tees Cleveland Police, Middlesbrough - Ladgate Lane
Mineham, Margaret Teesside - 1991 Teesside Matrix Lecturer tees Cleveland College of Art & Design, Middlesbrough
Mitchell, Robert Teesside - 1992 Teesside Matrix Director Of Marketing & Busines tees Tees, East and North Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, Middlesbrough - Police HQ
Monaghan, Lesley Teesside - 1998 Teesside Matrix Head of Work Force Development tees Business Link, Tees Valley, Middlesbrough
Montellier, Peter Teesside - 1993 Teesside Matrix Sunday Sun Editor tees Sunday Sun, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Morris, Peter Teesside - 2001 Teesside Matrix Operations Manager tees Inland Revenue, Stockton on Tees - George Stephenson House