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Name Course Date Course Locationsort ascending Course Name Job Title Location Organisation
Sherlock, Jeremy Teesside - 1994 Teesside Matrix Regeneration Officer tees Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, The Square, Stockton on Tees
Shirra, Bill Teesside - 1991 Teesside Matrix Administration Manager tees British Energy plc, Hartlepool
Simpson, Dave Teesside - 1998 Teesside Matrix Services Manager tees Petroplus, Stockton on Tees
Simpson, Anne Teesside - 1997 Teesside Matrix Operations Manager tees DTI, Billingham
Sims, Alan Teesside - 1999 Teesside Matrix Deputy Editor tees Gazette Media Company Limited, Middlesbrough
Slaughter, Graeme Teesside - 2001 Teesside Matrix Director of Finance tees Hartlepool Primary Care Trust, Hartlepool
Smith, Barbara Teesside - 1992 Teesside Matrix tees
Smith, Lawder Teesside - 1995 Teesside Matrix tees
Snell, Julie Teesside - 2001 Teesside Matrix IT Client Manager tees Cleveland Police, Middlesbrough - Ladgate Lane
Snow, Alastair Teesside - 1991 Teesside Matrix tees
Snowball, Lynne Teesside - 2001 Teesside Matrix District Auditor tees District Audit, Gateshead
Sopher, David Teesside - 2001 Teesside Matrix Advance Chemist tees BASF Plc, Middlesbrough
Spraggon, Linda Teesside - 1998 Teesside Matrix Corporate Affairs Manager tees Tees and North East Yorkshire NHS Trust, Middlesbrough - Flatts Lane Centre
Sproat, Ian Teesside - 1995 Teesside Matrix tees
Stam, Marjorie Teesside - 1999 Teesside Matrix Project Leader tees The Children's Society, Billingham
Stanton, Jennifer Teesside - 1994 Teesside Matrix Senior Teacher tees Ormesby Comprehensive School, Middlesbrough
Stevens, Philip Teesside - 1999 Teesside Matrix Engineering Manager tees BASF Plc, Middlesbrough
Stoddart, Minakshi Teesside - 1994 Teesside Matrix Community Safety Officer tees Middlesbrough Borough Council, Middlesbrough - Melrose House
Stonehouse, Doreen Teesside - 2001 Teesside Matrix Treasurer tees Skillshare North East Limited, Hartlepool
Suddons, Andrew Teesside - 1992 Teesside Matrix Human Resources Manager tees Huntsman Petrochemicals [UK] Ltd, Redcar
Sugden, Stephen Teesside - 1999 Teesside Matrix Superintendent Operations Support tees Cleveland Police, Middlesbrough - Ladgate Lane
Sunman, Anne Teesside - 1996 Teesside Matrix Purchasing Manager tees Whitbread plc, Washington
Syson, Sue Teesside - 1991 Teesside Matrix Manager tees Women's Skills, Unknown
Tate, Jan Teesside - 1997 Teesside Matrix Methodist Minister tees
Taylor, Kath Teesside - 1991 Teesside Matrix Consultant tees Shepherd Taylor Associates, Whitby
Taylor, Jacqui Teesside - 1995 Teesside Matrix Public Relations Director tees The Image Group, Middlesbrough
Taylor, John Teesside - 1999 Teesside Matrix Project Development Manager tees TTE Management and Technical Training, Middlesbrough
Taylor, Richard Teesside - 1999 Teesside Matrix Head of Student Marketing tees University of Durham, Stockton Campus, Stockton-on-Tees
Twigg, Christine Teesside - 1996 Teesside Matrix Superintendent tees Cleveland Police, Middlesbrough - Ladgate Lane
Urwin, Brenda Teesside - 1997 Teesside Matrix Headteacher tees Cromwell Road Primary School, Middlesbrough
Varley, Lisa Teesside - 2001 Teesside Matrix Headteacher tees Rossmere Primary School, Hartlepool
Vickers, Jenny Teesside - 1998 Teesside Matrix Deputy Director City of York LEA tees City of York Council -, York
Wakefield, Penny Teesside - 1997 Teesside Matrix Head of Strategic Partnership tees Nottingham City Council, South Sherwood Street
Walker, Ray Teesside - 2000 Teesside Matrix Head of Emergency Planning & Community Safety tees Tees, East and North Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, York
Waller, Bob Teesside - 1994 Teesside Matrix tees
Walmsley, Elizabeth Teesside - 1995 Teesside Matrix Global Business Director, Lubricants tees Uniqema, Middlesbrough
Waters, Susan Teesside - 2001 Teesside Matrix Director of Skills for Life tees Stockton Riverside College, Thornaby on Tees
Watt, Don Teesside - 1995 Teesside Matrix tees
West, Doug Teesside - 2000 Teesside Matrix Senior Probation Officer tees National Probation Service, South Bank
Westerman, Ian Teesside - 2001 Teesside Matrix Lieutenant Colonel tees SO1 Operations and Commitments, Salisbury
White, Dave Teesside - 2000 Teesside Matrix Deputy Director, Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Office tees Jobcentre Plus, Leeds - Park Place
Whittaker, Andrew Teesside - 2001 Teesside Matrix Global Application Research Team Leader tees Uniqema, Middlesbrough
Whyman, George Teesside - 2000 Teesside Matrix tees 34 (N) Signal Regiment (Volunteers), Middlesbrough
Widlinski, Pete Teesside - 1997 Teesside Matrix Team Leader tees North of England Refugee Service, Middlesbrough
Wilcox, Geraldine Teesside - 1998 Teesside Matrix Deputy Chief Executive tees Tees Valley Housing Association, Middlesbrough
Wilkinson, Judith Teesside - 1998 Teesside Matrix Co-ordinator for English tees Hall Garth Comprehensive School, Middlesbrough
Williams, David Teesside - 1994 Teesside Matrix Artist/Designer tees
Willoughby, Susan Teesside - 2000 Teesside Matrix Witness Support Worker tees
Willshaw, Dave Teesside - 1992 Teesside Matrix Principal tees Cleveland College of Art & Design, Middlesbrough
Wilson, Bernard Teesside - 1993 Teesside Matrix tees