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Name Course Date Course Locationsort ascending Course Name Job Title Location Organisation
Ward, Sylvia Tees 2005 Tees Matrix Managing Director and Chairman tees Positive People Development -, Hartlepool
Wheldon, Frances Tees 2003 Tees Matrix Manager tees Routes to Employment, Redcar
Wilson, Colin Tees 2002 Tees Matrix Head of Service for South Tees tees South Tees Youth Offending Team, Middlesbrough
Wilson, Alison Tees 2005 Tees Matrix Director of Primary Care and Modernisation tees Hartlepool Primary Care Trust, Hartlepool
Wilson, Angela Tees 2005 Tees Matrix Senior Learning Advisor tees Learning + Skills Council, Middlesbrough
Wood, Mike Tees 2005 Tees Matrix Environment, Health and Safety Manager tees Huntsman Petrochemicals, North Tees Site
Wortley, Andrew Tees 2005 Tees Matrix Energy Specialist tees BASF Computer Services [UK] Ltd, Middlesbrough
Wright, Geoff Tees 2002 Tees Matrix Commanding Officer tees 102 BN REME, Newton Aycliffe
Wright, Shelagh Tees 2005 Tees Matrix Vice Principal - Curriculum tees Middlesbrough College, Longlands Campus, Middlesbrough
Brown, Jane Tees 2003 Tees Matrix Director sheffield Sheffield First Partnership, Sheffield
Smith, Effie Tees 2002 Tees Matrix House maker & test sheffield New Branch To delete, London
Huntley, Bryan Tees 2002 Tees Matrix Planning Manager leeds WA Fairhurst and Partners, Newcastle upon Tyne
Yip, Yau Jim Tees 2004 Tees Matrix Dean of School of Computing & Engineering kirklees University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield
Aitken, Kathleen Swindon - 1992/93 Swindon Matrix Project Manager swindon Swindon MIND, Swindon
Allen, Michael Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix swindon
Alsop, Adrian Swindon - 1991/92 Swindon Matrix Head swindon Economic & Social Research Council, Swindon
Appleby, Philip Swindon - 1994/95 Swindon Matrix Deputy Chief Fire Officer swindon Wiltshire Fire Brigade, Swindon
Ashley, John Swindon - 1996/97 Swindon Matrix UK Procurement Manager swindon EMI Compact Disc (UK) Ltd, Swindon
Auger, Patrick Swindon - 1993/94 Swindon Matrix Assistant Priest swindon Holy Rood RC Church, Swindon
Baker, Glenys Swindon - 1993/94 Swindon Matrix Independent Training Consultant swindon Kingsway Consultancy, Swindon
Barlow, David Swindon - 1994/95 Swindon Matrix Business Manager swindon RWE Innogy Plc, Swindon
Barr, Gladys Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix Sports Development Officer swindon Swindon Health Hydro, Swindon
Bartlett, Angela Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix Communications Manager swindon Motorola Ltd, Swindon
Beaumont, Paul Swindon - 1994/95 Swindon Matrix Deputy Headteacher swindon Churchfields School, Swindon
Benton, David Swindon - 1995/96 Swindon Matrix Headteacher swindon Park South Junior School, Swindon
Bilboa, John Swindon - 1993/94 Swindon Matrix Senior Manager swindon Nationwide Building Society, Swindon
Bishop, Alan Swindon - 1998/99 Swindon Matrix Distribution Manager swindon Raychem Ltd, Swindon
Black, Helen Swindon - 1991/92 Swindon Matrix Area Processing Manager swindon Royal Mail, Swindon
Bond, Gary Swindon - 1994/95 Swindon Matrix Development Manager swindon BAA, Marlborough
Bristow, Chris Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix MDS WV Div swindon Royal Military College of Science, Swindon
Brookes, Pam Swindon - 1996/97 Swindon Matrix Youth & Community Officer swindon Wiltshire County Council, Trowbridge - County Hall
Brown, Richard Swindon - 1991/92 Swindon Matrix Estates Services Controller swindon Nationwide Building Society, Swindon
Browning, Helen Swindon - 1994/95 Swindon Matrix Proprietor swindon Eastbrook Farm, Swindon
Burles, Rob Swindon - 1996/97 Swindon Matrix Team Rector swindon The Rectory, Unknown
Burnett-Godfree, Erik Swindon - 1991/92 Swindon Matrix Art Education and Exhibitions Officer swindon Swindon Borough Council, Swindon - Civic Offices
Burns, Jackie Swindon - 1994/95 Swindon Matrix swindon
Burton, John Swindon - 1991/92 Swindon Matrix Chief Industrial Engineer swindon WH Smith, Swindon
Cannon, Jon Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix Communications Manager swindon RCHME, Swindon
Cartman, Lisa Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix Data Services Manager swindon PHH Arval, Swindon
Cassidy, Mike Swindon - 1996/97 Swindon Matrix Director of Operations swindon Wiltshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, Chippenham
Castle, Julia Swindon - 1993/94 Swindon Matrix swindon
Caudell, Mary Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix Director swindon Mary Caudell Associates Ltd, Marlborough
Chatburn, Gary Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix Officer in Charge swindon The Salvation Army, Swindon
Chester, Stephen Swindon - 1992/93 Swindon Matrix Senior Manager swindon Lloyds TSB, Swindon
Churchman, Derek Swindon - 1995/96 Swindon Matrix Planning and Development Officer swindon
Clenaghan, Daniel Swindon - 1995/96 Swindon Matrix Head of Business Development swindon PHH Arval, Swindon
Conkey, Margaret Swindon - 1994/95 Swindon Matrix Project Manager swindon Anchor Housing Association, Cricklade
Connell, Matthew Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix Government Relations Executive swindon Zurich Commercial, Swindon
Cooke, Phil Swindon - 1991/92 Swindon Matrix swindon
Cooper, Graham Swindon - 1994/95 Swindon Matrix Finance Director and Company Secretary swindon Thamesdown Transport Ltd, Swindon