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Name Course Date Course Location Course Name Job Title Locationsort descending Organisation
Stranks, Harriet Greater Manchester 2004/05, Greater Manchester, Matrix Regional Co-ordinator BBC - Children in Need, Manchester
Pollock, Jeremy Birmingham 2004, Birmingham, Matrix Assistant Editor, BBC wm BBC Birmingham, Birmingham
Curtis, Sue Coventry Matrix 2004, Coventry & Warwickshire, Matrix Senior Broadcast Journalist BBC Coventry & Warwickshire, Coventry
David, Clargo Coventry Profile 2004 Managing Editor BBC Coventry & Warwickshire, Coventry
Bishop, Tim Norfolk 2000, Norfolk, Matrix Head of Regional & Local Programmes BBC East, Norwich, The Forum
Hare, Diana Norfolk 2005, Norfolk, Matrix Editor Features BBC East, Norwich, The Forum
Bell, Marianne Southampton - 2001/02, Southampton, Matrix Managing Editor BBC Monitoring, Reading
O'Hagan, Patrick Berkshire 2002, Berkshire, Matrix News Editor BBC Monitoring, Reading
Robertson, Peter 20:20 - 2005 Managing Editor BBC Monitoring, Reading
Stamp, Roger Reading - 1997/98, Berkshire, Matrix Broadcast Journalist BBC Monitoring, Reading
Cornes, Simon Derby Profile 2002, Derby, Matrix Editor BBC Radio Derby, Derby
Cook, Peter Norfolk 2004, Norfolk, Matrix Acting Editor BBC Radio Norfolk, Norwich
Standley, Gary Norfolk 2001, Norfolk, Matrix Social Action Broadcast Journalist BBC Radio Norfolk, Norwich
Main, Gerald Suffolk 2004, Suffolk, Matrix Managing Editor BBC Radio Suffolk, Ipswich
Richardson, Colin Teesside - 1997, Teesside, Matrix Senior Broadcast Journalist BBC Television, Newcastle upon Tyne
Jones, Andrew Aberdeen - 1999, Aberdeen, Matrix Head of North BBC, Aberdeen
Adair, Mark Belfast - 1996, Belfast, Matrix Secretary for Northern Ireland BBC, Belfast
Carragher, Kathleen Belfast - 1998, Belfast, Matrix Editor Radio News BBC, Belfast
Cormican, Anne Belfast - 2003, Belfast, Matrix Production Executive, Audio and PP BBC, Belfast
Curry, Tony Belfast - 1994, Belfast, Matrix Producer BBC, Belfast
McGregor, Alister Belfast - 2002, Belfast, Matrix Human Resources Manager BBC, Belfast
Purdy, Martina Belfast - 1996, Belfast, Matrix Political Correspondent BBC, Belfast
Burns, Patrick Birmingham - 1998, Birmingham, Matrix Political Editor, Midlands BBC, Birmingham
Dalgleish, Laura Bristol - 1995, Bristol, Matrix Head of Local Programmes BBC, Birmingham
Jones-Owen, Rebecca Birmingham - 2001, Birmingham, Matrix Network Publicist BBC, Birmingham
Fraser, Wendy Bristol Profile 2003 Assistant to Head of Regional and Local Programmes BBC, Bristol - Broadcasting House
Harvey, Dave Bristol - 2004, Bristol, Matrix Political Correspondant BBC, Bristol - Broadcasting House
Lewthwaite, Jane Bristol - 2000, Bristol, Matrix Southwest Regional Co-ordinator BBC, Bristol - Broadcasting House
Lloyd-Smith, Bob Bristol Profile 2003 Public Accountability Manager BBC, Bristol - Broadcasting House
Marshall, Stephanie Bristol - 2003, Bristol, Matrix Output Editor BBC, Bristol - Broadcasting House
Wilson, Andrew Bristol - 2002, Bristol, Matrix Head of Regional & Local Programmes BBC, Bristol - Broadcasting House
Davies, Adrian Cardiff - 1997, Cardiff, Matrix Editor, Current Affairs BBC, Cardiff
Eirug, Aled Cardiff - 1996, Cardiff, Matrix Head of Corporate Social Responsibility BBC, Cardiff
Gibson, Rhian Cardiff - 1999, Cardiff, Matrix Golygydd Newyddion BBC, Cardiff
Jasani, Annand Cardiff - 2000, Cardiff, Matrix Broadcaster BBC, Cardiff
Jones, Keith Cardiff - 1995/96, Cardiff, Matrix Head of Welsh Language Programmes BBC, Cardiff
Morris-Jones, Gail Cardiff - 2003, Cardiff, Matrix Acting Editor - BBC Wales Today BBC, Cardiff
O'Callaghan, Mark Cardiff - 1998, Cardiff, Matrix Head of News and Current Affairs BBC, Cardiff
Powell, Amanda Cardiff - 2002, Cardiff, Matrix Editor News New Media BBC, Cardiff
Roberts, Penny Swansea Bay - 2003, Swansea Bay, Focus Chief Reporter BBC, Cardiff
Saldanha, Lyra Cardiff - 2000, Cardiff, Matrix Community Liaison Officer BBC, Cardiff
Stallard, Carys Cardiff - 2001, Cardiff, Matrix Assistant News Editor, Radio Wales BBC, Cardiff
Thomas, Mari Cardiff - 1997, Cardiff, Matrix Marketing and Communications BBC, Cardiff
Williams, Geoff Cardiff - 2000, Cardiff, Matrix News Editor BBC, Cardiff
Fowler, Jane Edinburgh - 2004, Edinburgh, Matrix Editor Speech Programmes BBC, Edinburgh
Atkinson, Val Glasgow - 1997, Glasgow, Matrix Deputy Head of News & Current Affairs BBC, Glasgow
Bradley, Margaret Glasgow - 2005, Glasgow, Matrix Head of Resource Operations BBC, Glasgow
Braid, Nancy Glasgow - 1996, Glasgow, Matrix Head of Programme Planning BBC, Glasgow
Brown, Donald-Iain Glasgow - 2000, Glasgow, Matrix Managing Editor BBC, Glasgow
Cunningham, Maggie Glasgow - 1998, Glasgow, Matrix Head of Radio Scotland BBC, Glasgow