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Name Course Date Course Location Course Name Job Title Locationsort descending Organisation
Robinson, Chris 20:20 - 2004 Chief Executive berks CHASE Children's Hospice Service, Guildford
Roe, Tony Berkshire 2003 Berkshire Matrix Partner Heading Family Law Group berks Boyes Turner & Burrows, Reading
Rolley, Tony Reading - 1998 Berkshire Matrix Director of South East Region Probation Training Consortium berks Hampshire Probation Service - Winchester Courts, Winchester Courts
Ross, Karen Reading 2001 Berkshire Matrix Chief Executive berks Relate, Reading
Russell, Norman 20:20 - 2000 Archdeacon of Berkshire berks Diocese of Oxford, Oxford
Sadler, David Berkshire 2005 Berkshire Matrix Head of Formulation berks Syngenta, Bracknell
Salisbury, Elisabeth Reading - 1997/98 Berkshire Matrix berks
Sandell, Jeremy Berkshire 2005 Berkshire Matrix Director berks Community Action West Berkshire, Newbury
Sarson, Mike Berkshire 2005 Berkshire Matrix Project Manager berks East-West Detox, Reading
Saunders, Miles Reading 2001 Berkshire Matrix Director Assurance/Business Advisory Services berks PricewaterhouseCoopers, Reading
Savage, David Oxford - 1998/99 Oxfordshire Matrix Director of Finance berks University of Reading, Reading
Saxton, Ian Berkshire 2005 Berkshire Matrix Chief Officer berks Wokingham District CVA, Reading
Scott, Mike Reading - 1999 Berkshire Matrix Education Consultant berks Denefield School, Reading
Senior, Liz Reading - 1999 Berkshire Matrix berks F I Recruitment, Reading
Sethi, Nina Berkshire 2002 Berkshire Matrix Project Alafia Co-ordinator berks Reading Council for Racial Equality, Reading
Seville, Keith Berkshire 2002 Berkshire Matrix Publisher berks Urban News Media, London
Shenton, Brian Reading - 2000 Berkshire Matrix Area Dean of Reading, Rector & Vicar of Reading Minster berks St Mary's Church, Reading
Smith, Janet Reading - 1998 Berkshire Matrix Commercial Contracts Manager berks
Smith, Graham Berkshire 2002 Berkshire Matrix Senior Manager berks PricewaterhouseCoopers, Reading
Smith, Stephanie Navigator - 1999 Business Planning Manager berks
Spicer, Ruth Reading - 2000 Berkshire Matrix Manager berks Connect Reading, Reading
Stafford, Clare Reading - 2000 Berkshire Matrix Public Partnerships Facilitator berks Reading Primary Care Trust, Reading
Stallard, Suzanne Reading 2001 Berkshire Matrix Director berks Jelly Leg'd Chicken Arts Gallery, Reading
Stamp, Roger Reading - 1997/98 Berkshire Matrix Broadcast Journalist berks BBC Monitoring, Reading
Steen, Simon Hull - 1998/99 Hull Matrix Partner berks Osborne Clark OWA, Reading
Stevens, John Reading - 1997/98 Berkshire Matrix berks
Stocking-Williams, Rhiannon Berkshire 2005 Berkshire Matrix Partnership Development Worker berks Reading Voluntary Action, Reading
Stone, David Berkshire 2005 Berkshire Matrix Team Rector of Newbury berks Church of England, Newbury
Stowell, Richard Berkshire 2003 Berkshire Matrix Programme Manager berks Reading Children's Fund, Reading
Suchley, Paul Reading - 2000 Berkshire Matrix Principal berks Jubilee High School, Addlestone
Sullivan, Frank Oxford - 1996/97 Oxfordshire Matrix berks
Sweeney, Steven Berkshire 2005 Berkshire Matrix General Manager berks Reading Refocus, Reading
Swift, Sally Berkshire 2002 Berkshire Matrix Promotions Manager berks Reading Borough Council, Reading - PO Box 17
Symons, Andrew Berkshire 2005 Berkshire Matrix Group Business Support Director berks Sovereign Housing Association, Newbury
Tallett, Nicola Berkshire 2002 Berkshire Matrix Assistant Director - External Affairs, Supporter Development & Marketing berks NCH Central Office, London - Highbury Park
Taylor, Lisa Navigator England April 2002 Programme Manager berks Trailblazers, Feltham
Telfer, Sue Reading 2001 Berkshire Matrix berks
Tempany, Pat Reading - 1999 Berkshire Matrix Head of Urban Renaissance and Housing berks South East England Development Agency, Guildford
Templeton, Marilyn Berkshire 2003 Berkshire Matrix berks Urban News Limited, Reading
Tennant, Nick Berkshire 2003 Berkshire Matrix Head of Communications berks Thames Water, Reading - Clearwater Court
Thomas, Mark Berkshire 2005 Berkshire Matrix Housing & Community Project Development Manager berks YMCA, Reading
Thomas, Diana Reading - 2000 Berkshire Matrix berks
Thomas, Jo Reading - 2000 Berkshire Matrix Studio Co-ordinator berks Open Hand, Open Space, Reading
Thornton, Grant Berkshire 2002 Berkshire Matrix Head of Regeneration berks Reading Borough Council, Reading - PO Box 17
Tin, Pauline Reading - 1997/98 Berkshire Matrix Community Services Development Manager berks West Berkshire Priority Care NHS Trust, Reading
Trainer, Martin Reading - 1997/98 Berkshire Matrix berks
Trethewey, Jan Reading - 1998 Berkshire Matrix Care Services Manager berks St John's Ambulance, Reading
Turnbull, John Reading 2001 Berkshire Matrix Superintendent berks Thames Valley Police, Reading - Castle Street
Turton, Jean Reading - 1998 Berkshire Matrix Voluntary Sector Training Adviser berks Community Council for Berkshire, Reading
Tutton, Michael Reading - 1998 Berkshire Matrix Head of IT Strategy & Planning - Metronet Rail berks Thames Water, Reading - Clearwater Court