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Name Course Date Course Locationsort ascending Course Name Job Title Location Organisation
Cooper, Neil Swindon - 1993/94 Swindon Matrix Business Development Director swindon GWR-FM Radio, Swindon
Crofton, Barbara Swindon - 1998/99 Swindon Matrix Chief Executive/ Director swindon Wiltshire Council on Alcohol, Swindon
Davies, Richard Swindon - 1993/94 Swindon Matrix Corporate Affairs Executive swindon Crime Concern, Swindon
Davies, Nick Swindon - 1991/92 Swindon Matrix swindon
Dawson, Peter Swindon - 1998/99 Swindon Matrix Regional Planning Officer swindon Government Office for the South West, Bristol
Day, Fred Swindon - 1996/97 Swindon Matrix Learning and Development Advisor swindon Burmah Castrol plc, Swindon
de Lisle Lyle, Mary Swindon - 1994/95 Swindon Matrix Business Development Consultant swindon
Degg, Geoff Swindon - 1992/93 Swindon Matrix Team Manager swindon Mental Health, Swindon
Denison, Robert Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix Project Development Manager swindon International Power Plc, London
Dickens, Nigel Swindon - 1995/96 Swindon Matrix Manufacturing Manager swindon MG Rover Group Ltd, Swindon
Dixon, Kos Swindon - 1996/97 Swindon Matrix IT Consultant swindon
Duckett, Brian Swindon - 1994/95 Swindon Matrix swindon
Duffy, Carolione Swindon - 1998/99 Swindon Matrix Manager swindon Jephson Housing Association, Swindon
Dutton, Mark Swindon - 1994/95 Swindon Matrix Senior Small Business Manager swindon Barclays PLC, Swindon
Edwards, Andrew Swindon - 1991/92 Swindon Matrix New Business Executive swindon Range 14 Communications, Swindon
Elmore, Pat Swindon - 1994/95 Swindon Matrix Sculptor swindon
Elston, Christopher Swindon - 1995/96 Swindon Matrix Plant Technologies Engineer swindon RWE Innogy Plc, Swindon
Elston, Sheree Swindon - 1996/97 Swindon Matrix Features Editor swindon Swindon Evening Advertiser, Swindon
Emmett, John Swindon - 1998/99 Swindon Matrix swindon
Evans, Robert Swindon - 1991/92 Swindon Matrix Chief Inspector swindon Wiltshire Constabulary, Swindon - Central Police Station
Ferrari, Ben Swindon - 1996/97 Swindon Matrix Business Development Manager swindon RCHME, Swindon
Fleet, Andrew Swindon - 1991/92 Swindon Matrix Headteacher swindon Oakfield School, Swindon
Fraser, Christine Swindon - 1995/96 Swindon Matrix Customer Communications Manager swindon BCA Limited, Swindon
Garbutt, John Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix Project Manager swindon Radnor House Lodge, Swindon
Garland, Caroline Swindon - 1998/99 Swindon Matrix New Media Development Manager swindon Newsquest (Media Group) Ltd, Swindon
Gaunt, Richard Swindon - 1994/95 Swindon Matrix swindon KPMG, Bristol
Gibbs, Helen Swindon - 1995/96 Swindon Matrix Grants Manager swindon Wiltshire and Swindon Community Foundation, Devizes
Gladman, Mary Swindon - 1992/93 Swindon Matrix swindon
Green, Elinor Swindon - 1995/96 Swindon Matrix Associate Services Team Leader swindon MG Rover Group Ltd, Swindon
Green, Colin Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix Headmaster swindon Covingham Junior School, Swindon
Grewal, Bena Swindon - 1996/97 Swindon Matrix Vice Chairperson swindon FEMO, Swindon
Griffiths, Philip Swindon - 1995/96 Swindon Matrix Personnel Director swindon Raychem Ltd, Swindon - Faraday Road
Gripton, Jon Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix Senior Producer swindon BBC, Swindon
Gunasekera, Mohini Swindon - 1992/93 Swindon Matrix Treasurer swindon Millen Advice Point, Swindon
Hadfield, Barbara Swindon - 1998/99 Swindon Matrix swindon
Hall, Roger Swindon - 1996/97 Swindon Matrix Adult Care Manager swindon Swindon Borough Council, Premier House
Hammond, David Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix Assistant Divisional Officer swindon Wiltshire Fire Brigade, Swindon
Hamzah, Bin Swindon - 1993/94 Swindon Matrix Electrical Systems Engineer swindon RWE Innogy Plc, Swindon
Hannon, Gerry Swindon - 1991/92 Swindon Matrix Health Promotion Manager swindon Swindon & Marlborough NHS Trust, Wilts
Hardisty, Christine Swindon - 1998/99 Swindon Matrix Enterprise Education Development Director swindon University of Bath, Bath
Harris, Martyn Swindon - 1993/94 Swindon Matrix Artist swindon
Hawkes, Mike Swindon - 1998/99 Swindon Matrix Senior Consultant swindon Hi-Q Systems, Unknown
Hawkes, David Swindon - 1996/97 Swindon Matrix Superintendent Minister swindon Swindon & Marlborough Circuit, Swindon
Hawkings, Timothy Swindon - 1995/96 Swindon Matrix swindon
Hawksley, Margaret Swindon - 1994/95 Swindon Matrix Director of Curriculum swindon Swindon College, Swindon
Hicks, Helen Swindon - 1993/94 Swindon Matrix Director swindon Shopperphone, Swindon
Hobbs, Brenda Swindon - 1991/92 Swindon Matrix Chair swindon Swindon & District Osteoporosis Group, Swindon
Hodgetts, Shaun Swindon - 1993/94 Swindon Matrix Sports Editor swindon BBC, Swindon
Holton, Tim Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix Training & Recruitment Manager swindon Hoechst Trespaphan UK Ltd, Swindon
Hopkins, Mike Swindon - 1997/98 Swindon Matrix Vice Principal swindon Swindon College, Swindon