Battlefield Britain - Understanding the subversion within.

Those of you who have researched this site and watched some of my video talks will be aware that the United Kingdom is being dismantled from within. Common Purpose is one of the key 'CHANGE AGENTS" tasked to inject new political thinking and policy into the grossly inflated Third Sector which comprises some 1,700 Quangos and is supported by numerous politicised Charities. These now drive policy, control our Members of Parliament, and deceive the general public.

Some of you will be angry with the MPs. They have lied, abused and stolen public money, and acted as private lobbyists for paymasters in the shadows. They have no honour, and most have no morality, honesty or courage. But...and it is a big but, most of them have been duped. Far from the expenses scandel being entirely of their own making, I would suggest it was created with the specific idea of entrapping our MPs. First a pot of money for expenses was created. Secondly they were encouraged to feed from it. This was done with a web of lies and deceit....."Your pay is low so taking your full expenses is the way to make up your salary", Your colleagues have claimed for this so you should as well", Trust us, we will ensure that you don't claim too much so as to be accused of fiddling or fraud", Go on take it. We control the bent Judiciary and police. Don't worry you are protected from any comebacks - Speaker Martin will protect you".

Drawn into the web, our MPs became ever more greedy and took greater and greater risks with their expenses. Then, out of the blue, the very same people who had created the feeding trough and filled it with money, exposed the MPs for their 'crimes'. Duped into an expenses feeding frenzy, they were now exposed to the anger and ridicule of the general public. But why?

The answer is simply this........Westminster and Parliament is to be reduced to a tool of the European Union. Brussels is to be our Parliament and even London is to be removed as our capital city and renamed a 'Region" of the EU. This is well documented - research it yourself.

Instead of showing their hand in destroying our historic and constitutional parliament, Brussels, aided and abbetted by the traitors within the UK, has turned the British public against their own parliament and elected MPs.

Comrade Brown with his Marxist puppets in NuLabour now calls for major CHANGE to parliament. Behind the scenes the unelected marxist Mandelson controls the Privy Council (the most powerful part of government) to prepare massive change further change of our Constitution. Key constitutional issues to be subverted are the Act of Settlement 1701, the Bill of Rights 1689, Commonwealth Constitutions (particularly where the country concerned still has a death penalty for treason, and / or outlaws homosexual acts in private). These massive changes will be dumped upon our duped MPs immediately on their return from a deliberately extended summer break. Dulled by foreign holidays, drink, women and more, they will have little understanding of the real effects of the Constitutional changes, and their inherent danger to the democracy within UK. Our own MPs will vote for Corpus Juris to replace Habeous Corpus - that is trial by Judges to replace trial by a jury of our peers. Corpus Juris also means that men are guilty on accusation and must prove innocence rather than our historic freedoms of 'Innocent until guilty'.

As Brown, Mandelson, Cameron and Clegg drive forward their 'common purpose' to hand Britain to a foreign power, namely the European Union, Common Purpose itself is tasked with assembling an ever greater band of elite 'leaders' who will act out of sight and out of the public mind to push the new EU social and political agenda through every public body, company and organisation their 'graduates' have penetrated. Working hand in glove with Council Officers and particularly Chief Executives, Common Purpose will ensure that Browns pro EU central government policy is enacted by Councils, whatever the opinion and resistance of elected Councillors. Most Councillors have little idea that Common Purpose exists, much less that their Council is controlled via secret Common Purpose meetings. Local Councillors have already reported that IdEA (Improvement and Development Agency for Local Council), a body closely aligned to Common Purpose, is stating that in the near future elected local Councillors will be replaced by appointed committees - the so called post democratic society.

Common Purpose will also continue to work to block, stall and obfuscate the normal workings of our public sector, so as to help ferment the chaos, inefficiency and political correctness (cultural marxism) which is ever more apparent. Common Purpose and NLP techniques within the police, schools, councils, NHS will ensure that 're-framed' graduates will work for the 'common purpose' of the dismantlement of UK. Working 'Outside Authority', they will promote the new agenda of change, whilst simultaneously blocking and undermining those who stand against them. The bulk of the law abiding British public are to be suppressed as 'Useful Idiots' by the new Common Purpose elite - connected by their 360 network to ensure they are "In the Know" and form the "Masterclass" - these are both Common Purpose expressions. Common Purpose Advisory Boards in most major cities will act as the "Eyes and Ears" of Common Purpose. Spying on their hosts, be it a Council, Business or Organisation, Common Purpose graduates will report all significant activity to the Common Purpose high level leaders. They will be especially interested in the 'positive' progress of pro EU government policies, rapid social change, and the blocking of the "Black Holes", now more commonly known as dissenters...soon to be known as "Domestic Terrorists".

Together with other Change Agents, Common Purpose has helped facilitate the linking of public sector, charities and quangos, to blur responsibility and accountability. Working in "partnership' the public sector, charities and quangos can now pool their powers against an unsuspecting public. The RSPCA (animal charity) will report alleged animal cruelty to Social Services, who will investigate parents for possible child abuse...I mean if you can't look after the rabbit, you can't look after children.

The police will reinforce this joint action and further suppress free speech and action by linking the police directly to psychiatric units and Social services. The Fixated Threat Assessment Unit can 'Section" (commit as mentally ill) any person who dares to challenge the government or even politicians. This is pure marxist soviet tactics - dissenters are thrown into psychiatric units. If you don't believe this you should. The Fixated Threat Assessment Unit is already established and operating. Aside from the police, Social Services are already branding mothers and fathers who try and protect their children from "Child Stealing by the State", as mentally ill. Many are sectioned.

Whilst the marxist LibLabCon unfolds within Britain, our armed forces are sent overseas to die in Iraq and Afghanistan. Far from wanting to give troops the necessary equipment and capability, Brown and his pro International Marxist Group Defence Secretary are ensuring the maximum deaths and injuries possible. The aim is to keep our troops out of UK, and to weaken morale at the same time. At home the flood of deaths and injuries broadcast by a pro EU and Common Purpose riddled BBC, achieves further demoralisation of the public and service families.

For those still not sure of this frightening reality, then I can add that Brown, John Reid, Peter Mandelson, Alistair Darling, Anthony Blair, Peter Hain and many more are communists in ideology. They are creating an extreme socialist police state. Read Peter Hitchens - Comrade Alan and his army of Useful Idiots - Mail on Sunday July 26 2009.