Common Purpose £48,000 Corruption with Surrey County Council - Surrey Advertiser

See Surrey category and latest documents list to read revealing article by the Surrey Advertiser showing a Common Purpose trained Chief Executive facilitating yet more Common Purpose contracts in his Council. Another £48,000 of public taxes handed to the political 'charity' Common Purpose through the usual web of lies, deceit and cover-ups. Is this happening in your Council? Please search this site to understand the corrupt hidden hand of Common Purpose. Also see BBC's £158,000 expenditure on Common Purpose listed on this site. Your money of course, paid by the BBC with no competitive tendering process, for a political charity to train "impartial" media staff. And after you pay, we are led to believe the BBC Common Purpose graduates only work for Common Purpose in their private time.

That being the case why does the public pay for their CP course in the first place? Of course it is a lie, and BBC Common Purpose graduates work and recruit for Common Purpose during their paid time. But why do people need to lie about their involvement with this political charity?