Common Purpose attempts to silence eutruth website

We understand that Caroline Duckworth of Common purpose is attempting to silence and bring down website by attacking the web host. Apparently Common Purpose is unhappy with material posted concerning them. Just how is this so called charity allowed to operate in such an aggressive bullying manner when the evidence against them is so overwhelming - see the documents on this site to understand just what this political charity is doing.

Common Purpose has already attempted to silence websites and in their haste to stop the public reading the evidence for themselves. Please also see for the latest exposure on inside dealings between Conservative Francis Maude MP, the Conservative Cabinet Office, Julia Middleton CEO Common Purpose and the Top 200 Civil Servants.

Angry? You should be, since taxpayers money is used to fund this Fifth Column Activity.

Please also be aware of the paedophiles exposed within Common Purpose graduate networks. Matthew Byrne and Jamie Rennie are two examples- where are their friends? Still in the Common Purpose networks?