Common Purpose caught in nuclear fallout after attack on press freedom

For those still harbouring doubts as to the real agenda of Common Purpose, the Daily Mail exposure on Friday 16 November 2012 caught Common Purpose in the fallout of a nuclear blast. This was a mega explosion that Sir David Bell and Julia Middleton CP had originally helped to plan and trigger in order to destroy the free press and media in Britain. Luckily for freedom, on the Mail front page and eleven pages in total, Editor Paul Dacre's team clinically exposed the dangerous Common Purpose network that had set out to ensnare the mainstream British press and media in government legislation and control, by means of the Leveson Inquiry into press and media standards. The smug arrogance and vested interest with which Bell had been sitting as an 'independent and unbiased' assessor, on the very Leveson panel which he lobbied to create, did not escape the Mail.  Other mainstream papers also picked up on the story - the Telegraph, The Sunday Times, and the Sun. The Guardian lamely tried to get in on the act with a few cautionary words, but they forgot to mention that the Scott Trust, their parent organisation, had been funding Bell and Middleton's Media Standard Trust. As to be expected, the BBC, a nest of undeclared Common Purpose 'graduates' led by Common Purpose Chair of Trustees and Tory Chris Patten, remained silent. Their only comment was second-hand, through Private Eye Editor Ian Hislop on the TV show 'Have I got news for you', who went out of his way to rubbish the Mail story and try to dismiss criticism of Common Purpose as nonsense. Private Eye later printed a few derisory paragraphs also designed at undermining the evidence presented by the Mail and other papers.

What did the exposure of Common Purpose include? In simplest terms the exposure of a hidden web of personal and political connections, together with vested interest and conflict of interest, demonstrating a common purpose in its true sense - namely, to create a press and media crisis, giving rise to the need for a Leveson style 'investigation'.  The final object appearing to be government control of Britain's press and media. 

Key to the scandal has been the role of Levson's David Bell and Julia Middleton and their Media Standards Trust in generating a massive network pressing for press and media regulation. The subsequent Hacked Off campaign, which quickly formed the front end of the anti-media campaign was itself spawned by MST. Financial backers to this scam included Esmee Fairbairn, Gatsby Charitable Trust (Lord Sainsbury), Joseph Rowntree, Eranda Foundation (Evelyn de Rothschild), MacArthur Foundation, Night Foundation, Nuffield Foundation, Pearson Foundation, Cohen Foundation, Samuel Story Charitable Trust, and finally, Scott Trust - owner's of the Guardian - the very same newspaper that started the road to Leveson via its exclusive of the Millie Dowler phone hacking scandal. Scott Trust also has links to N M Rothschilds. 

In and around MST and Hacked Off was spun a Common Purpose network of activists and useful idiots, such as Chris Bryant MP, Lord Blair (ex Met police), Cressida Dick (appointed Deputy Assistant Commissioner Sue Akers to head the phone hacking probe), Lord Currie First Chairman of Ofcom, and  Paul Scott-Lee (ex Chief Constable West Midlands), Hugh Grant, Steve Coogan and Evan Harris. Hugh Grant is now one of the full time Directors of hacked off. Expert Common Purpose idiot was David Bell, caught with his trousers down when the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, with which he is involved,  falsely smeared Lord McAlpine on Newsnight. It should be noted the Guardian is also involved with BIJ as is the BBC. Perhaps not surprisingly Sir David Bell resigned from Common Purpose UK a few days after the Mail's article.

Since the Common Purpose-Leveson exposure, Britains political circles have been buzzing with infighting, retribution and smear. Common Purpose and Leveson guru Shami Chakrabati has slammed Labour and Leader Ed Milliband for pressing for Leveson's legislative control, whilst also declaring Leveson's plans as illegal and backing Tory Cameron. Labour has retaliated by declaring it will table a bill in parliament calling for statutory underpinning of a new press complaints body. 

Hacked Off has now set itself up to continue the vociforous campaign for gagging of Britains press and media full time, and is using such intellectual powerhouses as J K Rowling, Hugh Grant, Stephen Fry and Harry Potter girl Emma Watson to front it. Meanwhile papers now maintain that the bulk of Levesons recommendations have come direct from the 'wise words' of gory orgy guru Max Mosley.

Few in the Common Purpose camp can have expected, that having conspired and collaborated unseen to lay a small nuclear bomb under the British Press and Media, they would be caught not just in the blinding light of the blast, but drenched in the political and public fallout. What a fine example of the reason we need proper free press and investigative journalism, even if they did use a great deal of UK Column material. 

A charity called Common Purpose to help individuals and our society? No. This is a fifth column to collapse Britain as a Nation State, subverting and disrupting from the inside. has been warning for years of the real plans of this dangerous political organisation. If they achieve state control of our press and media we are in a perilous situation. Thankfully they are still shaken and disorientated by the blast. We have been warned. We now need to seize the moment, sweep up the mess and Common Purpose with it. Other nations suffering Common Purpose take note.