Common Purpose chooses bankrupt Lehman Brothers to advise young people on leadership

Unbelievably, Julia Middleton CEO of Common Purpose has chosen Lehman brothers to teach young people about “leadership to effect CHANGE”. By their greed and incompetence Lehman Brothers have caused untold suffering and financial misery to their customers – they must be the best possible example of how not to lead.

The glowing but misguided report on the Common Purpose event stated:

”Run by leadership development Common Purpose, participants on the free Frontrunner programme explored their different leadership styles and visited a diverse range of organizations where they examined the issues they are facing with the people who are managing them. This included Oxfam, the London Borough of Islington, and Lehman Brothers. It was a chance for young people who have already demonstrated leadership to explore what is required to lead effectively with those already in management positions and leading change in society

Common Purpose believes it is crucial to encourage the leadership spark in Generation Y so that it is not lost when they enter full time work. Julia Middleton, Chief Executive of Common Purpose says: “All too often, work pressures erode the passion and capacity of young people to lead and effect change on the issues they care about, so it is vital that they take time at the beginning of their careers to consider how they continue to grow as leaders”.

We leave you to make up your own mind on Mrs Middleton's suitability to "lead our children" in effecting CHANGE. The CHANGE she desires, of course, is a new society run by chosen Common Purpose leaders.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the full report on Lehman's participation in Common Purpose Frontrunner has now disappeared from the Common Purpose website. Read the full article in "Bust bank dishes out advice at Common Purpose Event" under "England" category.