Common Purpose Collaboration Laboratory to mind bend Civil Service

Documents obtained by the Sunday Mirror show three Whitehall departments hired an organisation to "translate" the Big Society to officials. They attended brainstorming sessions and team-building exercises in a "collaboration laboratory" run by Common Purpose.

The Home Office, the Department for Communities and Local Government, and the Department for the Environment and Rural Affairs paid £12,044 for the course last year.

The truth is now spilling out. First CP uses insider dealing to win government contracts - then they deliver the contracts - all designed to reframe people into the new dictatorship called the "Big Society". Please see for more details on how the brainwashing of the UK Civil Service and General Public is done. Britain is being destroyed from within, and all three political parties are working for that common purpose. Please keep spreading the word to all your friends and family.

As an aside have you seen how Common Purpose luvvy Chakrabati from Liberty has been caught in the LSE money scandal for the vicious dictator Gadaffi. These people are vile and dangerous hypocrites.