Common Purpose Cornwall in financial crisis - Cornwall County Council Officers Involved?

A kind reader has informed us that Common Purpose is in dire straights in Cornwall. Apparently despite their graduate networks, insiders, and best efforts CP Cornwall is failing to pull in enough new graduates and training fees....yes.....they have not sucked in enough of own taxes and public money. Some 'charity'! Cornwall Common Purpose are now so desperate that they have moved their office into 'free' accommodation within Cornwall County Council. But how can they use public facilities on the side? Easy. We understand that two officers of Cornwall County Council are Common Purpose Advisory Board members. Common Purpose has used its influence to establish free accommodation in other public authorities in England. Phrases like insider dealing, misfeasance and malfeasance in public office come to mind. Thank you reader for your information. If anymore loyal Cornish men and women have details of what is going on, we would like to hear.

Happily we also understand that if Common Purpose Cornwall fails to secure enough fees it may go the way of Common Purpose Wales - collapse entirely.

Finally thanks to the efforts of readers and professional whistleblowers the net is closing on the fraud with a common purpose. Please also report any paedophile activity or suspicions of such.