Common Purpose sacking Directors, closing offices and missing fee targets.

Cpexposed has been informed that Common Purpose has been sacking Regional Directors, possibly including Alex Geldart who was a key asset in tracking members of the public asking Freedom of Information requests. We understand that some 20 Directors could have been sacked although this figure has not been confirmed. Any redundancies are interesting though following recent information showing Common Purpose Advisory Boards struggling to meet CP financial targets. Cornwall is one of the recent ones and CP sent top executive Caroline Duckworth to "talk to the Cornwall CP Advisory group about Cornwall's [words cut out in original doc] performance this year and what we might do about it. We only brought in [words cut out] of fees against a target of [words cut out]" The inference is that CP is failing to meet its training and fee targets - remember of course that CP is a charity so quite why they need to be so commercial is interesting. But of course it takes some income to pay top executives circa £90,000 per year.

CP is also closing offices. This is being cleverly hidden on its website so as to give the illusion that CP is still UK wide. other sources have alleged that Common Purpose made a £20,000 loss in its last financial year. Could things be getting tough for the CP team? Certainly the impending massive cuts to the public sector will not assist Cp's gravy train drain on tax payers money.