Common Purpose Snakes and Ladders

Common Purpose is holding a Leaders Question day in London 21/01/2010. As usual you are invited to "come face to face with fascinating (elitest) leaders, including",

Charles Manby Goldman Sachs (the bank that has just awarded staff an 81% pay rise in pay and bonuses - after public money was poured into the corrupt bankrupt banks of course), Francis Maude Conservative MP (the man whose web site was linked to rather grubby material), Roly Keating BBC Controller, Jon Williams, World News Editor BBC (the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation riddled with Common Purpose but now caught out in its scam global warming propaganda), Sir Michael Hastings Global Head of Citizenship and Diversity KPMG (remember KPMG is a glorified accountancy firm), Geoff Mulgan ex DEMOS and now Young Foundation (enough said), Jonathan Caplan QC and Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, Sir Hugh Orde President of ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers - recently revealed to be a private company which sets policing policy and is accountable to whom?), and others. According to Common Purpose these are leaders. Many of this type have been recommended by Common Purpose as role models for young people and school children. Bankers are very popular with Common Purpose. But then they would be as many fund this 'charity'. "Exploring Masterclasses" are to take place in the 'regions' including the South West. Are these really Leaders, or elitests with inflated egos? - you the public must decide. You will of course need £250 plus VAT to attend. A weekly wage for many.