Common Purpose taking down their You Tube video clips - Panic?

News Flash sent by reader:

Hello Brian,
I am sure you will be on to this anyway but.........

Further to my previous message (copied below) CP appear to be frantically taking down their YT clips. I had about 28 in a private playlist for ease of reference and according to my records they have taken the following clips down so far:

Chatham House Rules
Application Process
Initial Funding
Big Achievements
Who has benefited from CP
Meet the Author 'Beyond Authority' short interview
Freedom of Speech
ie. when I click on to these clips in my playlist a YT message at the top comes up in pink 'This video has been removed by the user'

In addition, I believe from looking at other clips that comments have been removed. I put comments on most, if not all these clips in the last couple of months. I had previously typed on her Freedom of Speech clip that it represented Middleton's worldwide authority on You Tube to comment on her 'charitable work' and that the moment she started blocking this we would know her true purpose. Maybe that moment is fast arriving and the pressure is getting to them, I understand from your website they are now getting resignations from Trustees. 

We will have to see what develops. I look forward to your updates on CP Exposed - keep up the good work !

Best Wishes N V

Ed's Comment: Common Purpose works in a vertical structure where ordinary CP employees are allowed little flexibility in their work. For example we have been told by employees they are not encouraged to mix with colleagues in other areas to swap ideas and information. Training is done centrally in London. They operate under a vertical control structure. This is very 'soviet' and is done to ensure that the 'useful idiots' who do CP's day to day work are kept from understanding what the organisation is really doing on a national political scale.

A penalty of the vertical control system is that decisions are only taken by those at the top of the ladder. This delays things and means a few people are rushing to take all the decisions - hence mistakes. I am not surprised that CP videos are being taken down. Having 'come out of the shadows' to try and protect their false image, their efforts have backfired and we have been able to see their real agenda. This of course includes the use of NLP. The use of subliminal techniques on an individual without their permission has been regarded as assault in the USA - especially where any form of 'mental reframing' runs the risk of creating adverse personality change and / or mental illness in some people. See our information proving Common Purpose is using behavioural modification under CP NLP in the Document Library section.