Common Purpose Trustees try to challenge criticism by the general public.

Three Common Purpose Trustees Jude kelly, Artistic Director, South Bank Centre and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Common Purpose Charitable Trust, (Sir) David Bell, Director of People, Pearson plc and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Common Purpose International, and Chris Mathias, Impetus Trust and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Common Purpose UK attempt to challenge criticism of Common Purpose

They fail to explain why Common Purpose:

  • Recruits using public officers in public time and using public facilities
  • Takes money directly from the public purse e.g. via education budgets
  • Holds secret meetings under Chatham House rules
  • Uses Common Purpose Advisory Board Members as the "Eyes and Ears" of Common Purpose."
  • Actively blocks and obfuscates Freedom of Information requests asking about Public Authority expenditure on Common Purpose
  • Uses public sector facilities and office space for which it has made no payment nor signed any formal agreements. Tax avoidance?
  • Uses an elitest selection procedure which dismisses good people as "too Ipswich" for example
  • Claims to be apolitical when in fact it is extremely pro European Union and promotes the EU political model.
  • Promotes insolvent bankers such as Lehman Brothers as "leadership models" to schoolchildren and others
  • Redacts, strikes out and witholds documentation giving details of Common Purpose activities within the public sector such as police, Local Authorities, Government Agencies and the Military
  • Uses the Common Purpose "graduate network" to gain inside information, financial gain and details of the names and addresses of members of the general public challenging the legitimacy of Common Purpose
  • Uses adverse psychological training techniques such as Behavioural Learning to influence and manipulate "graduates".

The list of legitimate questions of concern regarding Common Purpose's (political) activities goes on and on.......