Conservative Party's true Common Purpose colours emerge

A very revealing quote from Conservative Home blog reveals the true direction of Cabbage Patch Davy Cameron's Tories and that is to a Common Purpose future. Remember that Cameron is heavily involved with the Ditchley Foundation and the Young Foundation, itself a vehicle of DEMOS the marxist think tank. Geoff Mulgan, is the key creator of DEMOS, the former buddy / home of Julia Middleton CEO Common Purpose. For those with doubts Tory Shadow Chancellor George Osborne ( and friend of Rothschild dynasty Peter Mandelson), is now on the head team of DEMOs. To understand the LibLabCon we need only understand that DEMOS was key creator of NuLabour political policy. The posted quote re Tories and Common Purpose reads:

"Direct Democracy comes from a variety of traditions within the Conservative Party but we are bound by a common purpose – a belief in a new kind of politics"

Our ambition is to devolve, decentralise and democratise the public services as effectively as Margaret Thatcher did the economy in the 1980s.