CP- Common Purpose supports Sir Hugh Orde President of Corrupt police association ACPO

Aside from the corrupt fraudulent and bankrupt international bankers that Common Purpose likes to promote as 'leaders' in our society, CP has been proud to boast and host Sir Hugh Orde President of ACPO as a top level 'leader' on their Leader's Questions programme. See the Daily Mail link


to understand the sheer corruption and incompetence existing in ACPO of which Sir Hugh Orde is President. £850,000 a year in public grants 'disappeared', no public accountability, set up as a private company and trying to infiltrate activist organisations with bent coppers. But yes ACPO promotes 'leadership' especially Common Purpose style leadership.

Apparently ACPO is to be stripped of its powers and investigated by the fraud squad.

As we look at the documentary evidence of police forces across the country using public money to pay for Common Purpose 'leadership' courses, to conduct hidden agendas behind closed doors, and failing to properly account for their expenditure, is it not time for Common Purpose to be rooted out of the police force?

They are certainly not leaders in any shape or form, but there is also something particularly unsavoury about police officers mixing with bent bankers, media people, and rotten members of the civil service in Common Purpose events. Shine the light and warn others of what you see. Just who are Julia and Rupert Middleton, and what is their real agenda? Certainly nothing nice for the hardworking taxpayer and ordinary man in the street.