CP Directors Resign - Rats deserting the sinking ship?

Julia Middleton has been especially busy recently trying to prop up the illusion that Common Purpose is doing well. At the elitest end of the scale Common Purpose expert idiots David Cameron and Patten (new head of the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation otherwise known as the BBC) are driving the CP world socialist agenda. At the other end of the scale CP offices are closing as ordinary people increasingly learn the true socialist political agenda of CP and its insider dealing in the Cabinet Office and elsewhere, and as CP is shut off from the gravy train of milked taxpayers' money for its courses. As the CP scam is exposed they are now chasing money via high level contracts e.g. to change the behaviour of 200 Top Civil Servants, and major city behavioural change such as via B Birmingham. The Birmingham contracts were apparently fronted by Price WaterhouseCoopers, and then passed to CP. Is that lawful - under British Law or European Tendering laws?

Interesting to see that as CP is steadily exposed as a scam charity with political objectives, rats are now leaving the sinking CP ship.

The latest Directors to resign as at 01/02/2011 are Andrew Cubie, John Inge, Kuben Naidoo, Diana Parker.

Did these individuals realise that Common Purpose has been winning contracts by insider dealing, or that Sheffield City Council accounts have been frozen due to "irregularities" with Common Purpose invoices? Of course the Audit Commission remains riddled with CP members - no conflict of interest there then?