eutruth website is restored despite attempts at censorship by Common Purpose is up and running despite the recent attempt by Caroline Duckworth Common Purpose to threaten the Host Site to take eutruth down. We also understand that Common Purpose is now having to conduct 'Reputation Management' sessions for CP Advisory Board members. It seems a growing number of people are realising that CP is not what it appears to be - the CP response is not transparency but 'reputation management'. Just what has CP got to hide?

Other recent reports indicate that CP is again encouraging CP Advisory Board members to collect information via their own organisations on members of the public making Freedom of Information requests about CP and its activities. Just why would CP need to do this. The public have a right to collect information via the Freedom of Information Act and they have an absolute right to do this without interference by Common Purpose or others. It all points to CP being desperate to cover up its activities. But then it needs to in order for the chosen new Common Purpose leaders to be able to lead outside their authority. Fifth Column anyone?