Evidence for Public Sector breaches of Data Protection Act to protect Common Purpose grows

Documentary evidence for collusion between Public Authorities and Common Purpose to deny the general public information (via the Freedom of Information Act) concerning the activities of Common Purpose is growing. Letters and emails now show that Local Councils and other Authorities have breached Data Protection Act rules in their haste to cover-up their involvement with Common Purpose, and especially the huge sums of taxpayers money spent on courses that have quote no tangible benefit unquote. Public sector employees have demonstrated in emails, documents and phone calls that they are prepared to lie and / or obfuscate the truth in their haste to cover their personal and organisational involvement with Common Purpose. So desperate is Common Purpose to conceal the truth concerning their activities that they have been sending senior staff to \"coach\" Local Authorities in replying to Freedom of Information requests addressed to the Local Authority by taxpayers. Evidence to expose this tangled web will be released shortly.