How will the Netherlands survive without Common Purpose?

Julia Middleton CEO of Common Purpose has announced that CP is closing down operations in Holland due to a lack of interest....

"'It is with great sadness I report that Common Purpose in the Netherlands has closed down. In the current climate in the Netherlands, the open courses have struggled to cover costs. The Netherlands team have worked very hard over the years for Common Purpose and we are all very grateful for their work."

The team at wonder just how the Netherlands will survive without a network of future leaders trained by Common Purpose. How will the Dutch be able to communicate alternative agendas behind closed doors without their beloved CP? How will they now be able to influence poltical agendas by unknown people working to a common purpose, ouside and alongside the Dutch democratic system? How will they survive past 2012 if they have no CP 'future leaders'? I suspect that the Netherlands will continue to function very well indeed without common purpose. In fact I suspect that the Netherlands will continue to function better than UK, now that we have our public sector riddled with CP agenda and hidden networks. The Dutch have always been very direct and perceptive in their conduct of politics and business. If they see waffle they say so. I suspect this directness has stood them in good stead in deciding that common purpose courses are just not worth paying for. Of course they also don't have Francis Maude MP helping Common Purpose win contracts from closed door meetings at the highest level of government. Goed gedaan jullie Nederlanders en haartelijk bedankt voor de hulp en informatie van de anti-CP mensen in Nederland!

Just one small point - if the 'open courses' have closed in Holland, are there still 'closed' CP courses that are unseen to the Dutch public? Julia is not giving up easily however and adds:

Dutch alumni of Common Purpose courses will, I hope, continue to stay in touch with Common Purpose internationally. We hope that when they travel to cities where Common Purpose continues to thrive around the world, they will get in touch via to see if they can attend events.

I would like to thank the many people who have put in time and energy to grow Common Purpose in the Netherlands over the years - we never give up at Common Purpose and are determined to find a way to work in the Netherlands again in the future.' Pass op heren voor een andere aanval!