Marxist Miliband states

D Miliband: \\\"The Change We Need is a coalition of common purpose\\\"

The change we need is easy to find. It is to build new coalitions of common purpose and the supersession of past divisions\\\" says David Miliband in the latest Fabian Society podcast.

Recorded during his keynote speech at the Fabians\\\' Global Change We Need conference, the Foreign Secretary discusses the impact of Barack Obama\\\'s successful election campaign, the role of the E.U in furthering democratic and progressive values, and the importance of so called \\\'soft power\\\' in the West:

\\\"As we commemorate the fall of communism 20 years ago, we should remember that the soft power of values is as vital as the hard power of armies when it comes to advancing our goals and defending our societies. We should remember too that it is only through promoting shared values and shared institutions – progressive means as well as progressive ends – that we can renew and strengthen our soft power.\\\"

Listen to the podcast below:

The Change We Need is a coalition of common purpose.