New Article Posted 4 August 2017

Please read the latest excellent article 'One World Governance - A Common Purpose' by Martin Edwards of the UKColumn. In recent years, political charity Common Purpose has made great efforts to expand its work and operations overseas, seeing itself as a champion of the creation of a new society run by 'chosen' aka 'future' leaders. There can be no doubt that the Common Purpose agenda first seen in the UK is part of a much deeper and pernicious drive for Word Governance in the Common Purpose model. Leaders of society will be chosen and educated in the goals and policies of an even greater elite as democracy, and the concept of elected representatives and leaders is pushed aside.  

We must remember that education where Common Purpose is involved really means re-framed where individuals have their views and values changed by applied psychology (mental reframing) rather than by reasoned debate and free will. As a reader of pointed out - where Common Purpose removes God given free will it identifies itself as 'charity' pursuing a very dark agenda indeed. To stop it requires understanding, exposure and action. Please read on ... 'One World Governance - A Common Purpose' After reading you may well like to visit the UKColumn to read other articles on Common Pupose and to watch the Monday - Friday UKColumn News which is shown live via the UKColumn home page video window.