News Flash - Common Purpose emerges in Canada - Action Canada

CP Canada?

Thank you taffy for the following short research showing Common Purpose doctrine emerging in Canada. Please remember that the idea is to 'reframe' young people into the new socialist world order using behavioural modification. NLP usually forms the baseline technique for achieving mental change of this nature. Does anyone out there have evidence of the use of NLP within these programmes? Used without the knowledge or consent of the young people or their parents, the training represents assault on them. Moreover some will suffer mental problems as a result of mental stress ' dissonance' being caused by the implanting of subliminal messages that conflict with the values and beliefs of the real normal personality.

Please also see the recent post on showing Sir David Bell Common Purpose Trustee involvement with Imagine Nations and Millennium Development Goals.

Notice the language within the Canadian programme...."concentrated leadership program, future leaders, spirit of collaboration, leadership networks, unites Canada in a common purpose........" These phrases are easy identifiers of the common purpose policy of training secretive networks of people (increasingly youth) who can work to change their society from the bottom up. These young people will be turned against their parents values and beliefs by the mental reframing they are unknowingly given.

Action Canada

A $3-million investment over three years in Action Canada will boost its significant private sector support to offer young Canadians a concentrated leadership program.

Action Canada's goal is to identify and nurture future leaders for Canada while promoting the active participation of young Canadians, from various disciplinary backgrounds, in the renewal of ideas and the building of our country. Participants learn and interact with current leaders in government, business, NGOs, and academia, and undertake public policy projects of significance to Canada.

Action Canada develops innovative and high-quality research on key public policy issues. It fosters the creation of leadership networks spanning the diversity of the country and the development of a renewed spirit of collaboration among the public, private, and voluntary/non-governmental organization sectors. The program is open to Canadians under the age of 30.

Minister Moore Announces Renewed Youth Program Funding

VANCOUVER, October 14, 2009 - The Honourable James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, today announced a $60-million investment in youth programs that will give young Canadians more opportunities to get personally involved in activities that strengthen their attachment to Canada. Minister Moore confirmed new investments in the Youth Take Charge* funding program, new funding for Action Canada, and renewed and stable funding for the Katimavik program.

"Our Government firmly believes that a strong attachment to Canada unites Canadians in a common purpose and enables us to succeed as individuals and as a nation," said Minister Moore. "By supporting young Canadians in activities that allow them to be active citizens, our Government is building a strong nation for our future."

Please alert Canadians to this information and ask your friends and researchers if they can assist with knowledge and exposure. Thank you.