Newsworthy reader's comment on Dorset, Common Ground, Transition Towns, Julia Middleton and Eugenics

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for a most informative website and I hope you will be able to carry out your mission for as long as possible.  I was attempting to discover CP graduates in Dorset and notice that the county is not on your list.  Have you not received information regarding the spread of this most pernicious organisation in the county?  I shall look into the matter provided no one is doing this for you as I do not wish to tread on toes as it were.

A few general pointers:-

I reside in Shaftesbury and took the liberty of enquiring as to this movement and its activities behind the scenes.  While it has no direct influence over the Town Council at the moment; the curent mayor being no apparatchnik, it has twisted its tentacles into the County Council and in my opinion, advised their involvement in the Icelandic banks to the tune of twenty eight million.  Which of course they lost.

Allegedly both private old people's homes are registered to CP, one of the solicitors belongs as does an organisation called 'Common Ground'.  Several people involved in community groups have done CP courses and have denied the suggestions made by myself as to the evils of this parasite.

My main concern is with a rapidly growing 'cult' movement called Transition Towns.  Have you looked at this in any way?.  I started a group here and then belatedly discovered that six out of the eight trustees are Schumacher College graduates.  This college has given covert funding and as you know is where Julia Middleton hangs out when she fancies the west country for a break.  She also addressed the first TT conference on the subject of eugenics although you will find no evidence of this on their current website.  It seems that somebody ensured that this information was censored when I started asking questions.    Having been sidelined as my opinions did not follow the party line I have been attempting to control the way the current committee is directing the propaganda ie into the schools and the films being aimed at the general public.  They screened 'The Age of Stupid' last Saturday night which was short on scientific evidence and long on emotional techniques.  I do recognise NLP methods when they are directed at the people and have said so.

I've written rather lengthily for which I apologise as you are busy .
Best Regards, AB