NHS, Kings Fund and Media Standards Trust - a tangled web.

As the NHS is collapsed from within ready for take-over by the private sector it is interesting to see that Cyril Chantler is Chairman of The Kings Fund and of University College London Partners and also the Media Standards Trust (media manipulation closely linked to Common Purpose). The Media Standards Trust comprises big elitest names such as:

The Board members are:

Chair Sir David Bell (Chairman, Financial Times Group)

Deputy Chair Julia Middleton (CEO, Common Purpose)

Sir Cyril Chantler (Chairman, King's Fund)

Sir Robert Worcester (Founder, MORI)

Tim Waterstone (Founder of Waterstones bookstores and Daisy & Tom children's department stores)

Robert Peston (Business Editor, BBC)

William Davies (Goldsmiths College, London)

Roger Graef (Films of Record)

Baroness Helena Kennedy QC

The Right Reverend Stephen Platten (Bishop of Wakefield)

Geraint Talfan Davies (Chair, Institute of Welsh Affairs)

Anthony Salz (Executive Vice Chairman, NM Rothschild)

Sue Stapely (Quiller Consultants/Sue Stapely Consulting)

Amelia Fawcett (Chairman, Pensions First)

Albert Scardino (journalist, editor)

Sir Philip Otton (retired judge)

Mary-Ellen Barker (Thomson Reuters)

Charles Manby (Goldman Sachs)

Chantler is Chairman of the Beit Memorial Fellowships Board. He is a trustee of the Dunhill Medical Trust, a member of the Council of Southwark Cathedral and a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of the American Medical Association. He is an adviser to the Associate Parliamentary Health Group. He is a trustee of the Media Standards Trust, a non-executive director of a fostering agency “By the Bridge”, and a member of the public sector advisory panel of Doctors.net.uk.

Cyril Chantler was Dean of the Guy’s, King’s College and St Thomas’ Hospitals’ Medical and Dental School, where he was the Children Nationwide Medical Research Fund Professor of Paediatric Nephrology until his retirement in 2000. He was a consultant to Guy’s Hospital (1972 – 2000). Previously, he was Principal of the United Medical and Dental School of Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospitals (1992 – 1998) and General Manager of Guy’s Hospital (1985-1988). He was Chairman of Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (2001 to 2008) and of the Clinical Advisory Group for NHS London 2007/2008.

In addition, he served as a member of the NHS Policy Board (1989-1996), President of the British Association of Medical Managers (1991-1997), and as Chairman of the Council of Heads of UK Medical Schools and Faculties (1998 – 1999). He was also a Member of the General Medical Council (1994 – 2003), where he was Chairman of the Standards Committee. He served for some years as an adviser to the Hospital Authority of Hong Kong and co-chaired the SARS expert advisory enquiry in 2003.

How 'independent' is the King's Fund? The board appears riddled with interests in the drug companies and large scale consultancies. Is this why the common purpose is to collapse the NHS to facilitate take-over and control by the private corporations.