People who have contacted me but not given an email address

Thank you very much for contacting me via this site. Unfortunately some of you have forgotten to give me contact details. Please read the News reports in the site over the next couple of days and I will try and answer questions you have asked. The Stoke on Trent conference was an amazing success and we working hard to bring together circa 4,000 people for the beginning of may. This will be the start of actions within "lawfull rebellion". No violence and all actions within the law. See

For details of the UK COLUMN newspaper visit Our volunteer office is in Plymouth and is manned 0930 - 1430 mon - fri and some days longer. There is a 24 hour answering machine. Tel No: 01752 312743 all calls in strict confidence. Your information, reports, help and feedback allow us to fight the evil system trying to establish itself. Together we will win. If you are being intimidated or are frightened please do call. Having friends and supporters around you is the first line of protection against Social Services and Common Purpose intimidation.

If you have contacted us and have not received a reply please forgive us but we now deal with many calls and emails - we are all volunteers and sometimes we make a mistake. Just contact us again.

The update of this site starts tomorrow Sunday 1 Feb 2009. Please do send in information and documentation concerning CP's hidden activities and we will post it. Names are never revealed unless you say it is ok. God bless and keep at it. Kind Regards Brian G