Please see Brock Chisholm Psychiatry Journal Article The Re-establishment of Peacetime Society

Site visitors are encouraged to read the appraisal of Brock Chisholm's "The Reestablishment of Peacetime Society" which proposes that the whole of society should be changed..."for the better" by destroying the "mistaken old ways of our elders", and replacing it with a new society of "mature, reasonable people, free of guilts and inferiorities". These people are to be formed and led by psychiatrists who will understand and treat the ills of society.

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Chisholm's dangerous views were later taken up by the World Health Organisation and the UN. Today, both these organisations are promoting world government. The route to the new world order is to be achieved by the re-education of every child and the designation of new leaders who have the 'correct' intellect and moral values to lead society. Doesn't this sound strangely like Common Purpose 'future leaders'.

The new societies are not to be based on the nation state, for these must be dismantled so that man is trapped into a single mass of humanity and where the family unit has been destroyed. Does this sound worrying to you, or ring any bells as to what we see happening around us today? Please research for yourselves. It is no coincidence that Common Purpose is promoting both new leaders and using psychiatric based behavioural modification via Jung and Kolb to achieve Change in our society. We are to be re-educated into the new way of thinking and the new accepted behaviour whether we, as individuals, like it or not. Please also research the Tavistock Institute, Jung, Kolb, The Frankfurt School of Psychiatry and Eugenics- Eugenics or selective breeding of the races ultimately resulted in the nazi holocaust and the T4 programme to remove the mentally and physically disabled from society. We are already receiving reports of the slow creep of eugenics into educational programmes for children.