Revealing Quote by Julia Middleton about Common Purpose

The following quote is from a Common Purpose brochure..."Your Success Our Impact". She says..."Wherever Common Purpose operates, you will find leaders doing unusual things; taking responsibility for problems other than their own - at work and in their community - connecting efforts, recognising consequences, asking difficult questions and gathering disparate teams. These leaders are able to build sufficient trust so that people actually change things.

There will be many leaders who face up to the complex, messy, long-term problems that really matter; the unusual part is when they become almost limitless as leaders - when they have recognised the need to operate beyond their own space and started to learn how to actually do it, working with others so their efforts combine more often, and add more. Locally and internationally, Common Purpose graduates will be ‘lighting small fires’ to create change in their organisations and communities, which are both deeply interconnected and frustratingly fragmented.

The Common Purpose effect is best illustrated by the many stories of small changes brought about by leaders, who themselves have changed. It is this individual shift, combined with its local nature and now its sheer scale, that makes it so exciting and sustaining. Julia Middleton founder and Chief Executive of Common Purpose."

The above quote is most revealing. Middleton speaks of leaders doing "unusual things". This is highly accurate. Common Purpose leaders are prepared to lie, breach the data protection act to cover-up their activities. They will also work within their organisations to ensure that they help recruit more Common Purpose people and give CP access to more funds. Once Common Purpose is installed, the CP graduates will work to install their agenda. This results in the breakdown of good management, responsibility and accountability. Non issues, promoted by Common purpose become their focus. These behavioural attributes are very similar to the changes brought by cults.

Middleton never asks whether change is needed. Many people would believe that we presently need stability to stop the constant change, turmoil and uncertainty, which is destroying democracy, trust and probity in Britain. Her "change" is the march to revolutionary change...fully in line with her DEMOS 'marxist' background.

Note she says......"when they become almost limitless as leaders". So what happens when a police officer regards himself as a "limitless leader" able to act "outside authority". Does this explain the new aggressive, bullying and unaccountable behaviour by our police? Police forces are now riddled with CP graduates.

Note also the reference to create change "locally and internationally". What change? For the benefit of whom? This is COMINERN tactics (International Communism)..... setting up small cells in order to ferment revolutionary change. She also acknowledges that the people themselves have changed. This is the effect of the behavioural and nlp techniques used within the courses. The real danger of Common Purpose is the change to peoples personalities and values.