Scottish Paedophile James (Jamie) Rennie trained by Common Purpose

Sky News article reports on James Rennie and Scottish paedophile gang. Rennie was a Common Purpose graduate. Synopsis: "On the surface, Neil Strachan and James Rennie held down good jobs and were trusted members of the community. But the pair, both from Edinburgh, had a shared interest in young boys and had collected some of the worst child abuse images ever seen by police experts. They were also responsible for the abuse of very young children - one as young as three months old. Strachan, 41, also hid a dark past, in which he was jailed for three years for molesting a young boy."

It is assumed that Common Purpose was unaware of Rennies' perversions. However he would have been selected by the local CP Advisory Board away from the eyes of the general public, under Chatham House rules. It is alleged that the Advisory Board that selected him included a senior Police Officer. A detached third party observer might well consider that Common Purpose's operation in secret, network of undeclared graduates, and proximity to school children and teenagers provides an attractive environment for men such as Rennie.

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