Sunday Independent article 23 Aug 2009 on key NLP creator and messiah BANDLER

Please visit CP_NLP section of the web Library to read a significant Sunday Independent article on NLP. The text focuses on Bandler one of the co-creators of NLP. It exposes his guru or cult leader Messiah type status and mentions drug abuse and trial for murder. Yet this man is playing with the minds of thousands and his disciples with the minds of millions. Many NLP practitioners will be wary of criticism but the fact remains that, as with all hypnosis based 'treatments' there are risks to personalities and mental stability. NLP is now being used with the UK's education system and by Common Purpose. Unseen and unaccountable these people are able to reframe and influence the thinking of groups of adults and children. Is this dangerous to our individual and national health? - I think so. Is it dangerous when these techniques are being used to promote government political ideology and social policy? - very. Do these techniques and the potential for mental illness explain the risk in psychotic behaviour in young people as well as the huge increase in suicides, including suicide clusters in South Wales? - 29 young people in a small geographic area. NLP used on an individual by a trainer or organisation without their informed understanding of the risks should surely be treated as assault. Are you aware that the UK Government Department for Children, Schools and Familes, and the schools inspection department OFSTED, approve and permit NLP to be used on young children? No? Then read on please.

Case Reference 2009/0026908

03 04 09

Dear Mr Rayman

Thank you for your email of 20 March about the use of neurolinguistic programmes.
I should explain that our role is limited to setting the policy framework for the National Curriculum of what is taught in terms of content, attainment targets and how performance is assessed and reported. We trust schools and Local Authorities (LAs) to know what is best for the learning outcomes of their pupils, which is why the choice of teaching resources or methods in schools is a matter for local determination, not the Department.

I hope you find this helpful.

Yours sincerely

Julie Sealey

Public Communications Unit

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