What has happened to Common Purpose?

Following the exposure of Common Purpose in the Leveson Inquiry and the subsequent campaign to gag the press and media in Britain via the Media Standards Trust and their offshoot the Hacked Off Campaign, Common Pupose and leaders Sir David Bell and Julia MIddleton seem to have disappeared.

Despite ever increasing criticism of the devious and bullying nature of Hacked Off - an organisation campaigning for honesty and transparency but which fails to declare its own funders, there has been a wall of press and media silence over Bell, Middleton and Common Purpose itself. In fact, the silence since the massive exposure of Common Purpose by the Daily Mail, Telegraph and Sun has been deafening. Could a "D Notice' or state gagging order have been issued we wonder?

Whatever the case, Common Purpose drives on, and is now supported by a web of organisations, social enterprises, NGOs, charities and others promoting 'leadership' together with empowerment through applied behavioural psychology. The battle for our minds now includes government Nudging, Happiness and Mindfulness delivered in the covert drip drip drip of an anaesthetic.

In the NHS we have witnessed the deliberate neglect and deaths of thousands of patients. The NHS management responsible under Sir David Nicholson shows no remorse or guilt, and certainly no one has resigned. Why should the big man? he was only carrying out his masters orders, and David Cameron MP has backed him to the hilt. The implication is that the NHS is now controlled by low-empathy and 're-framed' individuals who see the old and seriously sick as detrimental to high profits or the efficient working of the State. Nazi Germany anyone?

The core of the rot in the NHS is the central Common Purpose Working Group. As usual a body which does not declare its members, for which minutes of meetings seem to have gone astray and about which simple questions have resulted in lies and conflicting information emanating from within the beast of the NHS.

Why? We will continue to dig to find out, but the path seems to be leading to the deliberate 'killing off' of those useless eaters who stand no chance of becoming 'future leaders' in the transformed world so desired in the rewired consciousness of future leaders.